Alan Wake 2 will be in third person, voice actor and protagonist –

    Alan Wake 2 will be in third person, voice actor and protagonist -

    Sam Lake of Remedy Games confirmed via Twitter that Alan Wake 2 it will be third person game. Additionally, it was announced that longtime actor and voice actor Alan Wake will be returning for the sequel.

    The information, as you can see below, was shared via Twitter. Sam Lake is referring to it elka fuzz The actor who put Alan Wake’s face in the first game will return to play the character. In addition to, Matthew Buretta The voice actor who voiced the character will be returning to work on Alan Wake 2.

    Sam Lake took advantage of his Twitter profile to confirm that Alan Wake 2 will be a third person game. The information wasn’t explicitly shared by the last presentation at The Game Awards 2021 (here’s the trailer with the release period). The only certainty was related to the fact that this new chapter would be a survival game, as opposed to the first which was a very classic action game: many survival games focus on first person nowadays, so perhaps that is the reason why Lake preferred it. . Determine the third person’s choice.

    We also remember that Alan Wake 2 will remain on radio silence until next summer, so from now on we will not have the opportunity to discover information about the game.

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