Airport consortium, Mostarda continues to lead on the investment front, there is still some slowdown

    Airport consortium, Mostarda continues to lead on the investment front, there is still some slowdown

    Foligno – Nathalie Mostarda has been appointed president of the Foligno Airport Association for a three-year term 2023-2025. This was decided by the ordinary meeting of shareholders, which also met to approve the 2022 and 2023 budgets, as well as the appointment of the Board of Directors for the next three years. Mostarda’s job is also to report on airport activities, which have returned to pre-pandemic levels. On the other hand, the slowdown was highlighted with regard to investments in the airport, which should have started on the basis of the project funded by OMA. The situation also appears to have been interrupted by the creation of an “in-house” company to manage small airports by ENAC, a company that is not operating at the moment. Looking at the details of the figures, the 2022 budget provided a profit of 1,734 euros, intended for the reserve fund. The 2023 budget will be balanced. Revenues are expected to be €85,000, of which €35,000 will come from fuel sales, €10,000 from firefighting activities, contributions from the municipality of Foligno €40,000); Total costs €85,000 (of which fuel €29,050, firefighting personnel costs €20,000, other fire management costs €1,800, depreciation and write-off €9,500, finance charges €2,000, general administrative expenses €12,500, state property lien fee €3,500, tax fee €4,200 euros, another fee in the amount of 2450 euros), so the expected result is a break-even. The five-member Board of Directors for the next three years will include: Natalie Mostarda, President; Stefano Zuccarini; Umberto Nazzarino Tonti; Mario Belloni Lucio Crime. “I thank Nathalie Mostarda for the presence before the Board of Directors and I congratulate her on her reappointment,” said Mayor Stefano Zuccarini.

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