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Airbnb job offer

Airbnb job offer

There is an interesting – and innovative – business opportunity we want to tell you about: it’sAirbnb Initiative Which relates to working lifestyles that are becoming more flexible and mobile. The popular online platform for travel bookings and short-term rentals, as well as Job offer It was introduced recently, and it will also offer to reimburse the worker for transportation expenses.

You must be chosenHowever, the offer is not available to everyone. There are, in fact, prerequisites. For the lucky ones Airbnb will choose (and anyone who wants to participate, they can) it will be like working while on vacation for a year and always away from home.

Let’s see detailsAirbnb job offerWhat and what numbers could be among the lucky ones that the platform will choose.

What is an Airbnb job offer?

Job offer for Airbnb It consists of one year of travel around the world with paid accommodation and reimbursement for all transportation used during the travel.

The program is called Live anywhere with Airbnb The platform initiative will concern only 12 people. Each person is given the opportunity to bring a maximum of 3 companions who will experience the thrill of living in an Airbnb residence for an entire year with their chosen one.

What kind of people is Airbnb looking for: Who can apply, and requirements

The ideal people that Airbnb is looking for as candidates are capable of Distance working And deal with some areas inside creative sector. These two prerequisites are referred to by the homogeneous platform website as essential.

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Moreover, Airbnb provides other indications: it could be People who love to travel Without going away, or workers who “They have a digital nomad lifestyle” (eg location reports).

However, a person eligible to run can be a parent who no longer lives with their children or even small families. However, the basic prerequisite for everyone is to know English Language.

Companions and how many months do you travel?

I Three of the Companions They can be chosen by the chosen one according to his preferences. However, these must fall into the categories mentioned by Airbnb.

The accompanying persons – as well as the designated person – must also be able to travel for twelve consecutive months, From July 2021 to July 2022. The total number of months during which the selected persons will be employed on trips is a total of 10.

What Works for Airbnb?

The 12 selected people will be interested in, in addition to travel and accommodation, a specific mission of Airbnb, in particular, the mission of giving “Suspension” .

This means that every traveler should do Express an opinion on every flight and every accommodation to help the platform improve and make Airbnb bookings and stays easier.

Not only that: the platform, in fact, through Participants reviewHe will also be able to understand the ideal accommodations for those traveling alone, with family or in other circumstances.

How to apply for a job offer and when does it expire?

To apply for a job offer for Airbnb, the procedure is very simple. Reality, Go to the official website from the platform (www.airbnb.it) and search for campaign Live anywhere with Airbnb.

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Then, just tap Submit your request now And answer some questions. From this page it will also be possible to read the section dedicated to Selection conditions.

The opening date for nominations has been set for June 9; While the deadline has been set for expressing one’s interest in a job offer June 30, 2021.

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