Airbnb against parties, the algorithm that understands whether a party’s reservation arrives

    Airbnb against parties, the algorithm that understands whether a party's reservation arrives

    giant short rentals Airbnb announced that it will take algorithm Analyzes bookings to understand if those who made them want to organize a party In the rented apartment. The novelty will initially take care of the United States and Canada, after testing in Australia in recent weeks. “The algorithm will take into account factors such as the date of Reviews positive (or their absence), how many have booked on the platform, length of stay, distance from the booked home, whether it is a business day or weekend”, among other elements, we read in the press release company. In practice, users reported via the algorithm They won’t be able to reserve ‘entire houses’, but only the private rooms, where the owner is likely to be.” “The main goal is to reduce the ability of rotten apples to give. Unauthorized parties that negatively impact our hosts, our neighborhoods, and our communities.”

    Ban all kinds of parties

    Airbnb’s move comes just weeks after the June 28 decision Permanently ban any kind of party In real estate leased through the site. The ban was already in place: it was announced temporarily in 2020, but as of this year it became permanent. Back in 2019, the company banned open invitation parties on social media. The restrictions were imposed because owners and neighborhoods alike have experienced property damage in recent years, not to mention disturbances for neighbours. The company is confident of the effectiveness of the new procedure: «We have registered a decrease in the frequency of parties 35% off In areas of Australia where the algorithm has been implemented,” the press release reads. The system tested in Australian soil outperformed the system tested in North America, where all users under the age of 25 were prohibited from booking accommodations close to their usual place of residence for a period. The company also offers neighborhoods a phone service To contact in case of disturbance

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