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“After abroad, again in Italy to open my company: it seems to me that I have never left. That is why I chose to return”


“I would like to make Italy a model for all of Europe.” Nicholas Weidmann He is 28 years old, South Tyrol by birth and Berlin by adoption. He decided to return to Italy to found his company. It’s called Inewa, and it’s a Bolzano-based energy transformation company. “I honestly don’t feel like I’ve left before,” he smiles. Father in South Tyrol and mother in Venice, after classical high school in Bolzano Nicholas continued his studies at Holland in Economics and Computer Science in Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. “I grew up in a reality that spans across Italian and German culture,” recalls Al fatto.it. Since he entered high school, Nicholas has been very clear ‘how important it is to gain experience in itstereo“,” to broaden my horizons and to see the opportunities that the world offers, also because we live in a system of interconnected economies, at the European and global level”. It is also for this reason that he decided to go to study in the Netherlands. In Germany, in 2014, 22-year-old Nicholas joined the One of the leading German companies in active engineeringAs a trainee first and then as a digitalization officer. In 2017, he created one Company popup Which, in the meantime, is also involved in the development of international markets, in particular in Austria and above all in Italy. “And when the company was acquired by a large international group with a turnover of 600 million euros, the new shareholders asked me to stay and Business development in Austria and Italy. And so, in 2020, inewa was born.”

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Nicholas returned to Italy, a Bolzano, where he now leads a team of 25 people. “My roots have always kept me connected to my country. I deal with managers who are on average twice my age – he smiles –. The energy transition is a challenge that must be seriously overcome. It is not enough to tell the sustainability story, but interventions with long-term impacts are needed,” he continues. . “I work hard, but I enjoy it. Suppose I like to take on new challenges and in the company we motivate each other.” The ambition is to become in a few years “one of the leading companies in sustainable energy solutions in Italy”.

Nicholas is convinced that University education both Italians high level. “I often hear that it is said that the connection with the world of work and business must be strengthened: it is true. In my university experience abroad, we have worked a lot on real issues, in collaboration with companies, and this has allowed me to Connecting theory to practice“.
Today Nicholas is the youngest CEO of the large international group to which his company belongs. For him, innovation means “constantly rethinking one’s models to improve them, striving every day to improve them, being inspired by what is happening around us, but with a constant concern for sustainability.” If he were to advise young Italians, after his experience, it would be specifically to “stay connected with them.” the roots and face GlobalismBut also the aspiration to “reach ambitious goals, not give up, learn from mistakes, combine personal success with the well-being of society and the environment.” What prompted this young manager to return to Italy from him Berlin? “sincerely I don’t feel like I’ve left before – He answers -. I live in Berlin, but I feel at home in Italy, Austria and Germany, and in that sense I consider myself a European citizen.” Have you ever thought what life would be like if he had not left? He replies: “I could have had less opportunity to deal with the facts that work at the international level. In short, I would have had a hard time understanding how the champions of my sector would move.” For Nicholas, Italy is a country “wonderful, creative and full of opportunities. However, I realize – he concludes – that it is not always easy and that many people decide to leave, because they find better economic conditions in other countries.”

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