Africa Cup, Tunisia and Mali in disarray: double the referee’s frenzy

    Africa Cup, Tunisia and Mali in disarray: double the referee's frenzy

    Languages ​​(Cameroon) – First match of group F di African Nations Cup between Tunisia and Mali. The final score is 1-0 for the Eagles against the semi-finals of the last edition: the penalty kick converted Konya And the ones you’ve intercepted Monkoro su Khazri. Preziora’s victory for boys from Magsuba but in the final he is the judge Janie Sikazoi (from Zambia) to become the protagonist. In fact, the referee commits a double madness: first he blows the final whistle at 85 minutes, then realizes the mistake that he is resuming the match, but despite that he decided to end again at 89 and 43 ”, which unleashed the anger of the Tunisian coach. Kibayer and all her collaborators. To anger the Carthage Eagles more, the lack of recovery after 9 substitutions, 3 VAR interventions, two penalties, one goal, one red card and a cooling break, not counting the minutes lost after the first error whistle. And despite the triple whistle, in this case also twice, the Malians returned to the field to play the remaining time, but the Tunisians preferred not to return to immediately look at the next match. And at the end of the match, these were the words of Mondher, the coach of Tunisia: “The referee whistled at 85′ to 89′, it’s crazy. We were deprived of concentration. We didn’t want to appeal because the players had already showered, unfocused and frustrated in the face of this terrible situation.”

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