Home World “Afghans welcome” and “No to thousands of arrivals.” struggle over refugees

“Afghans welcome” and “No to thousands of arrivals.” struggle over refugees

  “Afghans welcome” and “No to thousands of arrivals.”  struggle over refugees

sudden abandonment ofAfghanistan On the part of the US military it still has repercussions at the international level: the dominoes falling as Washington collapsed one after the other, starting with the inevitable flight to the West of thousands of refugees, carried out by the former deputy prime minister. Minister Matteo Salvini asks for urgent clarifications.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party Secretary is willing to open Enrico LettaWho launched the call on Twitter: “It is the moment when Italy can and must offer so much. We launch a great national mobilization to help those who stayed and welcome the fleeing. We support Afghan society and its development, women and men who do not want to go back to the Middle Ages. we are there“.

the crisis

A situation that begins to worry the world, specificallyEuropean Union, among those who say they are willing to welcome Afghans and instead, likeAustriaHe expects that he does not intend to open the doors of his country. Albania and Canada provide partial assistance, offering the possibility of hosting a limited number of refugees, while Germany and the Netherlands are currently limited to prevent the planned immigration of Afghans already on the national territory: the Germans actually declare that they are committed to planning the return of thousands of former Afghan federal government collaborators and activists Human rights to German territory.

Is it Italy? my biker He has already announced that he is ready to do his part for “Protecting Afghan Nationals Who Cooperated With Our Mission” and find her “A solution to the crisis protects human rights, especially women’s rights.”. This is in line with the Democratic Party’s position on opening humanitarian corridors for refugees.

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For its part, the League has already requested urgent information from the government regarding the situation in Afghanistan, but at the moment nothing has been decided before August 24, the date of the ministerial hearing. Mayo and Guerini on the joint foreign committees of the Chambers and Senate. Farnesina’s pregnant woman, busy getting tan during the height of the Afghan crisis he had met on a beach in Salento with Boccia and Emiliano, was overwhelmed by the controversy sparked by some colleagues who asked him to take action and play his part: after the uproar, the foreign minister said, at least according to her, ” Farnesina”, finally said he is ready to report to Parliament this week.

Salvini’s words

“Biden’s speech in Afghanistan yesterday was very bad.”, Liga leader Matteo Salvini drowned after Words said by the President of the United States of America after the return of the Taliban. “It is unbelievable that more days are lost and that ministers are not coming to present a report right away, but next week in Parliament.”, the former deputy prime minister drowned again, allegedly making Di Maio’s ears ring.

“It seems to me that the welcome of tens of people who cooperated with our embassy in Italy is correct to me, but no one comes to talk to us about welcoming tens of thousands of Afghans”.

Afghan refugees, in any case, have the right to be welcomed, unlike illegal immigrants who are on the national territory, as defined by the representative of Carroccio Max Stakes. “I share the need to welcome Afghan refugees but what happened to the 49,000 illegal immigrants outside these reception centers especially those who were denied residence permit? Is Milan able to welcome everyone, real refugees and fake refugees? ”, stated the Municipal and Regional Councilor of Lega, who then specified: “For several months, the third sector has deplored the impossibility of welcoming the large numbers of immigrants brought by Lamorgese into Italy and now the outgoing mayor is drunk with his speeches of a welcome that seems more like a snapshot to the media than Being a viable certainty. Milan is under siege from uncontrolled immigration, if this problem is not resolved, it is unlikely that it will be able to provide sanctuary for those who legitimately escape from the reactionary and obscurantist Islam of the Taliban. It is a system that generates homelessness, a short circuit from which one can only escape with rejection at the frontier and hospitality only for those who really have the right.”

X-ray opening

The diagonally opposite is the position Virginia RaggiIn the middle of the election campaign: “The Roma Capitale administration is ready to support any efforts aimed at establishing humanitarian corridors immediately. Roma Capital can do its part in this emergency”, the mayor writes to Di Maio in a letter, as reported AdnKronos. “I guarantee that we are immediately prepared to make municipal facilities available to help welcome refugees, women, students, children and those in the process of being repatriated.”, adds Raji, ready to promote the initiatives ‘Aiming to create Scholarshipsprivileges and visiting professor positions..

“We must not leave the Afghan people alone. It is important to move quickly, provide protection and assistance to those fleeing the Taliban regime” and anticipate “help from the Italian people”.


“Italian mayors are ready to do their part to welcome Afghan families”Instead, says Mayor Prato Matteo Bevoni, Anci delegate for immigration. “There is no time to waste, we know very well how the civilians who cooperated with our missions in Afghanistan today are at great risk, especially women and minors. The government is moving to save lives, through the actions of the provinces in the province and the mayors of their experience, so we wrote to the Minister Interior Lamorgese and we have informed the Ministry of Defense”Bevonne concluded.

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