Afghanistan, the Taliban’s New Fist: No More Women in TV Series

    Afghanistan, the Taliban's New Fist: No More Women in TV Series

    “A woman cannot be a minister. It’s like I’m putting a weight around her neck that she can’t bear.” This came in early September, in response to the Taliban’s spokesman, Syed Zikrullah Hashim, to the journalist ToloNews They ask him why women will not be part of the new government. Over the past few months, restrictions have continued and it has become increasingly difficult for women to work and study. Now a new pressure. Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Hakim Mohajer, announces a new “religious guide” to the media: No more TV series starring actresses and no more journalists withhijab in the news. According to the French media France 24, NSadvertisement With the new directives issued on social networks. The issue of the media is new for the Taliban to address. When they were in power before 2001 There was one radio station broadcasting from Afghanistan: Sharia’s voice. Only here was broadcast programs to spread Islam. Since the fall of the Taliban regime the number of televisions and radios has doubled, not to mention the full development of social networks. Indian TV series, entertainment programs and music shows have also been broadcast on TV screens. Now it’s not clear what could be left of all this timeline.

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