Home World Afghanistan, the Taliban have reached 11 kilometers from the capital, Kabul- Corriere.it

Afghanistan, the Taliban have reached 11 kilometers from the capital, Kabul- Corriere.it

Afghanistan, the Taliban have reached 11 kilometers from the capital, Kabul- Corriere.it
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According to a deputy from Logar state, the fighters were to arrive in the Char Asyab district, a step away from the capital.

The Taliban will come Eleven kilometers from Kabul, and can enter the capital of Afghanistan Long before the ninety days that Americans feared. As claimed, the representative of Logar province, Hoda Ahmadi, quoting Al Jazeera, according to which the fighters were to occupy the entire province and arrest local officials, until they reached the Char Asyab district, about eleven kilometers away. south in Kabul. Militants also attacked the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif from different directionsMunir Ahmed Farhad, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said there were heavy clashes in the suburbs, Munir Ahmed Farhad said. rise to 19, meanwhile, the Taliban invaded the Afghan provincial capitals In their advance he led them without much resistance from the government army, At the gates of the capital.

Two more fell in the southeast of the country: Sharana in the Paktika region and Qalat in the Zabul region. Khalid Asad, deputy governor of Paktika province in the lower house of the national parliament, said the governor’s house and police headquarters were evacuated, and the Taliban entered the city. The Sharana was delivered safely and without a shot being firedAccording to Asad. Local government officials and security forces evacuated the city after an agreement was reached with the Taliban through tribal leaders in the area. We entered the city of Shrana in Paktika. All defensive checkpoints in the city have been occupiedTaliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid announced on Twitter.

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Mujahid said that the city of Qala was captured and we control the governor’s office, the police headquarters, the intelligence center and all the facilities in the city. During the past three and a half months Quran students controlled 140 district centers, 19 regional capitals, and nearly 10 border crossings. Meanwhile, government forces are fighting the Taliban in at least five of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces 1:1 in hostilities.72 militants were killed and 107 woundedAccording to the latest report issued by the Ministry of Defense in Kabul.

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