Home entertainment Actors, Performers, or Teachers: The Skills You Need to Become Santa Claus

Actors, Performers, or Teachers: The Skills You Need to Become Santa Claus

Actors, Performers, or Teachers: The Skills You Need to Become Santa Claus

They are now too many – between United States of America And some European countries like United kingdomAnd SpainAnd FranceAnd Germany And also Italy – Open search for aspirants Santa Clause that it In fact. In fact, on the online portal of job seekers and offers, the following keywords are being implemented with an increasing frequency: Santa ClauseAnd Santa ClauseAnd Santa ClauseAnd Santa ClauseAnd Santa Clause. But if the words change from one country to another, the task required of potential candidates is always the same: to delight children around the world.

Often, then, job offers have a high percentage of poetry, seasoned with a heavy dose of Christmas magic. The ideal candidates are Actors or performers, but also educated. As long as they are always sweet and patient. Required traits are: a beautiful smile, willingness to listen, and of course the ability to get along with elves (in fact, few of them know how much elves can make them angry), proof of ability to keep gifts secret until Christmas Eve and finally, of course, it would be appropriate Attending the interview with a sparkling white beard.

Search for Santa Clause Not just entertainment companies, shopping malls or large-scale distribution chains. There are also ice rink operators or farms that offer educational programs for children, camping sites, and tourist resorts.

To support potential candidates seeking advice on getting the job, an interview was actually conducted santa rick, owner and talent scout Northern Lights Academy SantaOne of Santa Claus’s academies, United States of America. It turns out that, as with most “hard-to-fill jobs”, i.e. those that are hard to fill, soft skills They can make a difference. It is important to prove that you are a reliable and responsible person. We must also know how to think and act quickly so as not to disappoint those in front of us. Moreover, passion and enthusiasm along with a desire to learn is a guarantee. Finally, they cannot help but be good at working with children, caring attitude, warmth and cheerfulness. Skills can be learned, but magic must be innate.

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