Activision acquisition: FTC denies allegations of CMA collusion by CEO Bobby Kotick

    Activision acquisition: FTC denies allegations of CMA collusion by CEO Bobby Kotick

    As reported by the Reuters portal, an officer in Federal Trade Commission He dismissed the serious allegations made by Bobby Kotick, CEO Activision Blizzardunder which US antitrust would have influenced a decision cm extension To prevent Microsoft from taking over the company in the UK.

    A brief summary for those who do not know what we are talking about. A few days ago, the British antitrust categorically rejected Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Later CEO Bobby Kotick not only said he was disappointed with the ruling, but also hinted that FTC Chair Lena Khan and the CMA chair met in Washington a week and a half ago to discuss the maneuver (which is essentially a collusion crime). Not only that, he also stated that “CMA is a tool in the hands of the FTC” being used to thwart the takeover.

    In short, we are talking about very serious allegations and it is understandable that the FTC decided to clarify the situation. According to the account of events provided to Reuters, There was already a meeting In Washington between Lina Khan and the head of the Capital Markets Authority, but on that occasion the acquisition of Activision Blizzard was not discussed in any way.

    “The FTC is in no way colluding with the Capital Markets Authority or any other international regulator over a proposed merger,” said spokesman Douglas Farrar. “When an agreement appears to be clearly anticompetitive, independent antitrust regulators can simply pass judgment.” special”.

    Farrar also said the agency works with other antitrust enforcers “and has done so for decades under both Republican and Democratic presidents, a practice long welcomed by the business world. But we never take our power out.”

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