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Acceleration of super bonus 110%: 200% growth in February. Here are the next simplifications

  Acceleration of super bonus 110%: 200% growth in February.  Here are the next simplifications

Accelerating Business Financed by 110% Superbonus: On the week of March 24 – 30, interventions that reached at least 30% of businesses went from 7,709 to 9,207 (+ 19.4%) and amounts from 878 million to 1,090 million (+ 24.1%). This is what the Manufacturers Association Ance notes, based on data from the Enea-Mise Monitor.

If we compare the data with the data from the beginning of February, the increase is about 200%. Only 9% of the interventions were commissioned by residential units, but the amount is 32% as the average amount (464 thousand euros) is much higher than in individual homes (80 thousand). Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna focus on a third of the interventions.


Recovery plan: 2 nodi da scigliere

But the real game now on Superbonus is the redemption / simplification decree that will arrive at the end of the month. The government is working to introduce a Superbonus chapter there. The comparison is in its infancy but what seems clear is that there are two related issues that must be resolved. The first – which is in the hands of Mef – is the extension of the stimulus to the end of 2023, as repeatedly requested by Parliament and as indicated in the technical papers of the recovery plan written by the Conte government but sent to Parliament by Economy Minister Daniele Franco. The minister never spoke yet, unlike his predecessor Gualtieri who fought to limit expansions and resources. Moreover, the EU’s resistance to including tax bonuses for the private sector in the recovery must be overcome.

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Simplification game

A more complex game is that when simplified, all operators demand it and it becomes necessary through disturbing data from the area, as municipal offices have a problem – with a combination of paper archives and intelligent staff – to respond in a reasonable time to the requests of sworn professionals.

The essence – to establish what is called after Decree 76/2020 “the legal condition of the property” – is the “double matching” of the property with the planning and building titles today and those of the time in which it was built. This is the second aspect that creates bureaucratic burdens on the one hand, and on the other hand it excludes many properties from the utility due to the “inconsistency” in the original building’s title. The property only reaches the benefit with a settlement (if applicable).

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