About 500 lira coins can be worth up to 12,000 euros: what are they?

    About 500 lira coins can be worth up to 12,000 euros: what are they?

    Few people know this, but some banknotes and coins of the old lira could have a truly incredible value, sometimes reaching several thousand euros.

    For coin collectors and numismatic enthusiasts, some Lire coins and banknotes are of insane value. Some samples, given certain factors that we will analyze later, can have an amazing cash quotation, we are talking about a few thousand euros.

    Just think of the old ten lira Pegasus coins, instead of the 50 lira vulcano or the one thousand lira banknote with the image of Maria Montessori. Among the specimens so requested and coveted by numismatists are also some 500 lire old coins, which can currently be paid for up to 12 thousand euros.

    Obviously, not all samples reach interesting monetary appraisals, but as we expected, the value of these coins depends on two primary factors. First, scarcity. Therefore, it is difficult to find a rare coin or banknote, which will have a higher demand than supply and, accordingly, its value can rise. But rarity alone is not enough to make a coin valuable. In fact, the state of preservation is primary. A coin that does not show obvious signs of trading will have a better chance of success. Even better if it is in perfect condition or, better to say, in fantastic unused condition. In the presence of these parameters, it is better to check if you have kept an old 500 lira coin at home, because in this case, it can get you up to 12 thousand euros in your pocket.

    Precious coins of 500 lira denomination

    There are many models of old coinage that appeal to collectors and enthusiasts of the genre. Among these, without a doubt, we can mention a copy of the 500 lire coin, also known as the 500 lire Caravelle – Prova. Nowadays, this coin is one of the rarest and most sought after, so collectors can pay it very well.

    However, to come in at €12,000, a 1957 Pilot had to be in perfect condition. Only 2,200 of the 1957 500 lire Caravelle were built, so they are really hard to find and even in the case of a “Splendida” or “Bellissima” they can be worth between 5 and 7 thousand euros.

    coin columns

    However, if you should have such a specimen in your possession, it might be a good idea to have it appraised by a numismatist, as it could be worth a really nice nest egg in euros.

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