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     Did Blue Box delete several tweets related to the game?  - Multiplayer.it

    In response to the latest rumors claiming so Uninhabited Canceled, the team at Blue Box Game Studios posted a message on Twitter, stating that the game alive and well. However, the official presentation and release of Abandoned: Prologue prequel was Delayed On a date not yet determined.

    As reported this morning, popular moderator Lance MacDonald found that the team had recently deleted several different tweets from their official account explaining the game’s features, suspecting that it had been deleted abandoned…or worse, that it wasn’t there at all.

    “Recently we have received a lot of inquiries and questions regarding the development status of the abandoned. As for the latest rumors that they want to be abandoned, our answer is that These rumors are falseMessage posted by Blue Box Game Studios on Twitter.

    Later in the post, we talk about how the studio is performing Underestimate the roadmap Because of this, the official unveiling of the game and the publication of the movie Abandoned: Prologue, have been postponed, with no specific date set.

    “We are working on unveiling the app using the Realtime Experience app and online channels along with the intro to the game. These shows were originally scheduled for Q1 2022, but unfortunately we’re not ready yet because we’ve underestimated our schedule. So we’re Delayed. Abandoned Reveal and Release: Delivered When It’s Stable, In Good Condition, and Ready. We are aware of your frustration and sincerely and deeply regret it. We’ll continue working on the game and let you know when we’re ready.”

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