A week short, Australian study confirms health benefits

    A week short, Australian study confirms health benefits

    According to researchers at the University of South Australia, working out four days a week can reduce a sedentary lifestyle, increase the level of physical activity, and improve sleep quality.

    Less work for better health. This is suggested by a new study published in the journal Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity by a team ofUniversity of South Australia.
    There are already many companies in the world that are beginning to experiment with the so-called short weekThat is, a four-day work week.

    According to Australian researchers, a short week would be the best option to ensure better overall health for workers. In fact, the three-day weekend will have the effect of reducing a sedentary lifestyle, increasing the level of physical activity and improving sleep quality.

    The team followed 308 adults who wore the clothes for 13 months, 24 hours a day Bracelets that can monitor physical activity and vital signs. The volunteers took an average of 2-3 vacation periods of about 12 days each. The results showed that during these periods, moderate to intense physical activity increases by 13%, a sedentary lifestyle decreases by 5% and hours of sleep are prolonged by at least 4%.


    “About 21 extra minutes of sleep gained each day can have a number of positive effects on our physical and mental health – the researchers commented -. For example, getting enough sleep can help improve our mood, cognitive function and productivity, and can help It also helps reduce the risk of a number of health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression. Moreover, it is interesting to note that the extent of these improvements increases with the duration of the vacation.”

    Editorial staff, Nurse Times

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