Home World A Sriwijaya Boeing 737 lost contact

A Sriwijaya Boeing 737 lost contact

A Sriwijaya Boeing 737 lost contact

And it lost more than 10,000 feet of altitude in one minute, four minutes after departure, according to the flight tracking service.

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A search-and-rescue operation was underway on Saturday after a Boeing passenger plane carrying 62 people lost contact with air traffic controllers after taking off from the Indonesian capital on a domestic flight, officials said.

Indonesian Transport Ministry spokeswoman Adita Irawati said Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ182, a Boeing 737-500, took off from Jakarta at around 1:56 pm local time and lost contact with the control tower at 2:40 pm.

It is estimated that the flight will take 90 minutes by plane to Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan province on the Indonesian island of Borneo. There were 56 passengers and six crew members on board.

Irwati said in a statement that the missing plane is currently under investigation and is coordinating with the National Search and Rescue Agency and the National Transportation Safety Commission.

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Boeing spokeswoman Dana Sallum said the Chicago-based aircraft manufacturer was aware of media reports from Jakarta about the flight and was monitoring the situation closely.

The airline expressed its sympathy to the crew, passengers and their families in a statement on Twitter and said it was in contact with Sriwijaya Aviation officials.

Boeing 737-500 aircraft lost more than 10,000 feet in height In one minute, four minutes after departure, depending on the flight FlightRadar24.com tracking service. The service stated that the last known altitude of the aircraft was 250 feet and its highest altitude was 10,900 feet.

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The flight from Jakarta to Pontianak will spend most of the flight over the Java Sea.

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Local media said that fishermen spotted metal objects believed to be parts of a plane on Saturday afternoon in the Thousand Islands, a chain of islands north of Jakarta. Compass TV He said that a fisherman saw a fiery explosion.

a leg Reuters He was identified as a local government official, he said CNN Indonesia He and others found wreckage after hearing two explosions and went out to search for debris with an anchor in the water. The man, named Suratchman, said they found things like wires, seats, pockets, hair pieces and jeans.

Television footage showed relatives and friends of people on board crying, praying and embracing each other while they waited at Jakarta and Pontianak airports.

according to BBCThe Boeing 737 is not a MAX, which has had two major accidents. The South China Morning Newspaper She reported that the missing Sriwijaya Air Force One was around 26 years old.

Sriwijaya Air is one of the discount airlines in Indonesia, flying to dozens of domestic and international destinations.

Indonesia, the largest archipelago country in the world with a population of more than 260 million, suffers from land, sea and air transport accidents due to congestion on ferries, aging infrastructure and poor enforcement of safety standards.

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In October 2018, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 operated by Lion Air crashed into the Java Sea just minutes after takeoff from Jakarta, killing all 189 people on board. It was Indonesia’s worst airline disaster since 1997, when 234 people were killed on a Garuda Airlines flight near Medan on Sumatra island. In December 2014, an AirAsia plane from Surabaya to Singapore fell into the sea, killing 162 people.

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Transportation Minister Bodi Kariya Sumadi said dozens of ships, including four warships, have been deployed in a search-and-rescue operation centered between Lancang Island and Laki Island, part of the Thousand Islands chain north of Jakarta.

Bambang Suryu Aji, deputy head of operations and preparedness at the National Search and Rescue Agency, said rescuers had collected wreckage and clothes found by the fishermen. They handed over the personnel to the National Transportation Safety Committee for further investigations to determine whether they were from the missing plane.

The captain of a search and rescue vessel with one name, Echo, said fishermen had found wires and metal pieces in the water.

“The fishermen told us that they found them shortly after they heard an explosion like the sound of thunder,” TV One quoted Eko as saying, adding that aviation fuel was found at the site where the fishermen found the wreckage.

Agee said that no radio signal was detected from the 26-year-old plane. He said his agency is investigating why the plane’s emergency positioning transmitter, or ELT, was not sending a signal that could confirm whether it had crashed.

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“The satellite system that neighboring Australia has also did not pick up the ELT signal from the missing plane,” said Agee.

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Contribution: The Associated Press

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