A “slick” motorist solves a traffic problem with his old car in Rome: photo goes viral

    A “slick” motorist solves a traffic problem with his old car in Rome: photo goes viral

    The issue of traffic in Rome is increasingly on the agenda. However, the motorist managed to solve the problem with a gesture that went viral

    Years have passed since Carlo Verdoni suggested (ironically) draining the Tiber in order to make the road suitable for any type of vehicle. “Finally if it flows,” said the Roman comedian, but the real situation looks very different in Italy’s capital. Traffic is getting intense And you can spend up to half an hour of your time finding a parking space. Not to mention the always crowded public transport and constant breakdowns.

    But what literally drove the citizens crazy was the theme attached to it ZTL. Recently, there have been more and more gestures of protest by motorists, especially due to the recent decisions of the Capitoline Council on this issue. The new green band It has led to real signs of protest in this regard. They range from the smudged signs indicating offending areas, to the anger expressed by the many taxi drivers present in the city.

    The latter, in 2022, also made an appeal to Tar. A real headache that the board is led by Diem It must be dealt with in the shortest possible time. Meanwhile, among the many protests, one appeared on the network that instantly became viral. It is an ironic gesture that nonetheless has a deep meaning in this continuing discourse.

    The reaction of the motorist to the new green tape

    What Mayor Gualtieri and his mobility adviser, Pattani, intend to touch the pockets of citizens. this is the last They are forced to buy cars Suitable for potential future regulations. In particular, the article under discussion would prohibit the circulation of 30,000 cars, trucks and motorcycles. For them, it is forbidden to cross, from 7.30 to 21.30, in an area that will extend to 21 km.

    Rome ZTL driver protest gesture

    Provocative gesture of a ZTL motorist (Instagram) – Allaguida.it

    The fines for anyone trading in the new greenbelt would be very steep considering that It can start from 163 euros. The vehicles that will not be able to cross will also be those with petrol Euro 3 and Euro 4 dieselas well as all previous generations.

    In order to express his opposition, the motorist decided to make a somewhat strange gesture, By installing an electrical socket under the Daewoo logo on your car. And I posted on my Instagram page pictures of what I accomplished Welcome to Favelas And they spread instantly. “Dear Gualtieri and Patané, I did my best to take your advice. This is the new Matiz Hybrid‘, reads the sign, written to be able to describe what he wants to create.

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