Home Tech A practically timeless houseplant, always green and requiring no care

A practically timeless houseplant, always green and requiring no care

A practically timeless houseplant, always green and requiring no care

Want a green house full of plants but don’t have a green thumb? Fortunately, there is a houseplant that is practically immortal, always green and does not require special care. Basically everyone’s desire. Well it’s a fact and the plant we’re going to talk about now is also very beautiful, it grows in height and gives your living space a zen footprint.

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Fake papyrus

The plant we’re talking about today is fake papyrus. This plant is native to Central Africa and usually grows near rivers or lakes. Today Cyperus alternifolius is also found in Italy and is often chosen for home furnishing, obviously without much effort. In fact, this plant can be grown almost anywhere: in a clay pot, a water pot, outdoors and in aquariums.

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As shown above, it is a very tall plant. In fact, it looks like a tall shrub with thin stems and leaves at the end. One might think that fertilizers are needed, but that is not the case. But if you want to use it, you can apply it once a year.

Often home plants will die from being given too much water. Here is the faux papyrus loves water, so if it has a lot of water in the vase, no problem. This is because it is a bog plant. And the water problem was solved. The mushroom problem S. the battery? It is very rare, in fact it is a very rare plant. Therefore, a practically immortal houseplant, always green and not needing attention.

Only two things need to be done

There are only two things you need to do to keep this indestructible plant from dying. The site where it is located in the house. This plant should be in the sun, so it is better if it is near the window. Second, when you see a dry sheet, you have to remove it.

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A very popular thing to add to plant water is to make them live longer.

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