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A Porsche 911 stolen and chased by the police: the conclusion is absurd


A man stole a Porsche 911 GTS but couldn’t escape the police patrol chase. Video

Porsche 911 GTS
Porsche 911 GTS (Photo: Getty Images)

The police boycott United kingdom She gave birth to a Chase Adrenaline after stealing a Porsche 911 GTS. After sitting behind the wheel Athlete, The Thief He tried to sow the authorities on icy roads, having passed several times at intersections with a red light. However, things are different from what he imagined, thanks to Porsche’s rear-wheel drive, which caused him more than a few problems during the insane rush.

The entire stalking was caught on West Midlands Police Department’s auto cameras, which he later shared Video Sue Twitter.

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Porsche 911 GTS, the crazy chase video

In the video you can see how the thief has many difficulties in handling the Porsche 911 GTS on frozen asphalt. In particular, the Evaporating fast He turns in a roundabout and is overrun by the agents, although in this case he managed to leave. However, it stopped running shortly after, precisely due to poor handling of the rear-wheel drive.

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at the same sectionIn fact, we can hear an overflow engine From Porsche, which remains firmly in place. Three steering wheels have finally arrived to hold the stolen car off the snow behind the road. After that, the agents arrange an arrest slaughterer, Which is forcefully removed from the passenger compartment. These scenes seem to come from a movie.

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