Home Economy A passenger argues with everyone on board from Ibiza (video went viral)

A passenger argues with everyone on board from Ibiza (video went viral)

A passenger argues with everyone on board from Ibiza (video went viral)

Tense moments yesterday on the flight Ryanair Give Ibiza a Oreo Al Serio (Bergamo), due to a violent fight by a woman with the other passengers on the plane. The news comes from social media, as the video has persistently spread until it has spread widely. Tensions had already begun upon the boarding, due to disrespecting the protagonist’s exclusion from this story. Once the plane took off, the woman began to get angry, taking her first with a passenger – the one who allegedly accused her of not keeping a safe distance – and then with the flight attendants, even engaging in a physical and verbal duel with all the people trying to calm her down. All while keeping the mask down.

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Video – In the video, the girl insults a knee, pulls her hair, wriggles, and even spits. “You don’t know who I am,” she said angrily, as the hosts intervened in vain. In another video, the woman is seen surrounded by passengers and flight attendants trying to calm her down, but she is fighting back with kicks and shoving. Screaming and tension on board, a journey that passengers returning from Ibiza to Italy will definitely not forget.

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