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A new mandatory black box to be placed in the car: it records how much it pollutes when a certain driving ban is exceeded

A new mandatory black box to be placed in the car: it records how much it pollutes when a certain driving ban is exceeded
Black Box – (Motorzoom)

An amazing innovation from an environmental point of view is about to reach our cars: in the name of environmental sustainability, a real revolution is underway. Here’s what will be mandatory on board, under penalty of bans and fines.

The transformation represented by a file automotive sector He lives in this stage, preparatory to sea ​​change, Traveling in the name of sustainability: le Zero emissions I am not a utopia. also through new commitments.

the Citizens Those who come aboard may have to deal with someone new and important Prescription: on your own trolley There must be one a tool Aiming for real interference from environment protection.

what is he talking about? When someone renamed it black boxfor some cars. Taking its idea and functionality from the idea of ​​airplanes, what is this black box really about? What exactly is it?

The mission of this item, which has been talked about for some time, is to register – and a report – how much Yes Contaminates with your own car. and above a A certain extentsnap the ban: It is no longer spreading.

Black Box: You must have it, so as not to pollute

The need to report the levels of pollution a vehicle can produce has been around for some time, but it has also recently been a consequence of Important investigative work of a European body. any?

Pollution - OK - (motorzoom) (1)
Pollution – (motorzoom.it

Such is the Urban Mobility Council, sponsored by Unipol and the European Commission, that Politecnico di Milano presented a study on black boxes in cars.

By analyzing the squares on the means in the provinces such as Bari, Rome and Brescia, for a total of 360 million trips involving 226,000 cars, important indicators of the extent of pollution have been recorded.

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The black box, which records comprehensive vehicle data, has been mandatory since July 2022 for newly certified vehicles. then who July 7, 2024, each registration will have a new first.

The black box, what it can do against smog

Very indicative and clear data shows how a smog streams, I got out of the black box in every province, not identical: For example in Rome it is 17%, while Brescia stands out at 28% and even Bari at 42%.

Smog (motorzoom)
Smog – black box – (motorzoom)

Several factors influence: geographical size from the analyzed area, Habits for whom Guide, Which type of cars are popular etc.

I study though He does not demonize non-electric carsIn fact, he says they can still trade, if certain parameters are taken as a reference. According to the analytics, in fact, it is understood that emissions I am link to type of use more than in Euro class.

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