Home Tech A missing traveler was found thanks to Twitter and a photo …...

A missing traveler was found thanks to Twitter and a photo … of his foot

A missing traveler was found thanks to Twitter and a photo ... of his foot

This is definitely one of those cases where Social media is proving helpful, Allowing you Save a life. The protagonist is lucky Traveling, Thanks to his latest photos sent to a friend, he found. 46-year-old Renee Compiegne sent a friend a photo from the point of view, which is the adorable classic photo of Legs hang over the cliff. Soon after, his cell phone battery ran out and at 6 PM the passenger was reported missing.

Unfortunately the picture he sent to his friend was Lacks GPS data Because the geolocation is disabled on the mobile phone. However, the authorities tried to exploit the image of the park’s last known stand Post it on Twitter Asking users if anyone could recognize the site.

None of the hikers provided the relevant information, but the basic help came from the radio operator, Benjamin Coe, who Using 3D terrain maps and reconstructions From the area where the traveler moved (it was known where he left the parked car) he managed Narrow the space for searches. Indeed, the rescuers, who flew over the indicated area at a low altitude, found that the traveler tried, but was unharmed.

I have a strange hobby, I like looking at pictures and trying to figure out where it was takenHa Advertise Tadalafil The experience accumulated for his favorite pastime in this case was essential to being able to obtain location information from a low-resolution image.

Sharif’s spokesman, John Gilbert, said the recent fires that devastated the area may have been behind the traveler’s loss of direction, noting that this type of relief effort has seen a rapid increase since the lockdown. People seek recreation in contact with nature, but often inexperienced hikers venture where they shouldn’t. Gilbert’s advice, especially for those who venture into solo trips, is to inform friends and relatives about their plans and location and possibly prepare themselves. Satellite tracking and messaging system: Compean was really lucky to have room to post their latest photo, which isn’t always true in outlying areas.

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