A missing fisherman in Australia was eaten by a crocodile

    A missing fisherman in Australia was eaten by a crocodile

    ROME, May 3 – The 65-year-old man who took part in a fishing trip in the northeastern Australian state of Queensland was eaten by a crocodile on Saturday, local police said. The officers explained that a group of hunters dealt with a crocodile before the hunt. Witnesses said they heard the man “screaming, screaming loudly, and then a big spray of water.” Then the guards armed with rifles shot two-meter crocodiles in Lakefield National Park, where the hunting party went. The inspector said forensic examinations of the reptile had “unfortunately located the remains of a missing man”, and spoke of a “tragic end”. He was a “very nice guy”, said Cairns Police Inspector Mark Henderson, manager of a rural village pub in the north of the state. Queensland is “crocodile country,” warned Michael Joyce, the region’s wildlife director. “If you’re in the water and especially if you’re in Lakefield, which is specifically designated as a crocodile conservation site, you have to expect to see crocodiles in those waters.”

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