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A massive brawl erupted at the end of the armed forces’ battle between Mississippi and Tulsa

A massive brawl erupted at the end of the armed forces' battle between Mississippi and Tulsa

The role of the armed forces between Mississippi State And No. 24 Tulsa It was largely quiet resulting in a Bulldogs 28-26 victory. After the final whistle, things took an ugly turn when a fight broke out between the two teams.

Tensions were high throughout the afternoon. The two teams were disbanding each other before kick-off and there were some bad moments during the match. It is difficult to determine what triggered the situation after the match, but the punches started flying and that was when things got out of hand.

Here’s how the fight began – which ESPN downgraded in real time after initially returning to studio coverage. The battle lasted for several minutes as trainers and even some law enforcement officers in the field attempted to disperse it.

One of the ugliest moments captured with the camera came when the owner of Heath, a Mississippi state receiver, kicked a Tulsa player who fell to the ground.

Unfortunately, this situation does not appear to be a victim. Golden Hurricane defensive back Kendarin Ray had to be helped off the field after he sustained an injury during the melee. Tulsa coach Philip Montgomery indicated after the match that he believed Ray had a concussion.

When asked about the fight by ESPN in his post-match interview, Mississippi state coach Mike Leach said his message to the team would be “Don’t do it anymore. It’s just stupid,” but then added, “There was some of that stuff swinging back and forth.” During the course of the game. ”

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“This is a football match so we’re not going to rip the clothes off because of this deal,” Leach said. “Someone went to a football match and someone was injured.”

Montgomery did not respond to comment on the post-match brawl.

Neither program has officially commented on the post-game brawl, but given that it was a horrific moment for everyone involved, one has to think about the data, and maybe some disciplinary action, that will come once the dust is over.

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