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A man hitting a golf ball on his genitals in the United Kingdom

A man hitting a golf ball on his genitals in the United Kingdom

A 31-year-old British man was forced to undergo emergency surgery after he injured his genitals with a golf ball.

A strange accident in the UK where a 31-year-old man underwent an emergency surgery After being hit completely by a golf ball in the genitals He ended up off the field. The accident occurred on December 27 in Tarporley, in the English county of Cheseyar, while the man was wandering the fields with his wife.

The trauma to the genitals forced the 31-year-old to immediately go to the hospital, even at this time no particular complications appeared to have arisen.

A man hits a golf ball in his genitals

According to local newspapers, the man He did not immediately understand the word “Sadara” that she shouted From a nearby golf course, he hits him with the ball without being able to protect himself in any way with his hands.

The word lead is actually used as a warning by golfers, when the ball is taking off the field after a particularly bad shot.

As soon as he was injured, the man began to feel excruciating pain in his lower abdomen, So much so that I can’t walk: “The more minutes passed, the worse I felt and I remember one of the players coming to apologize.

I told him I was fine but was struggling instead. […] Something like this had never happened to me before. I thought the pain was passing instead it was always getting worse. I walked a few steps but felt more pain while walking“.

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Transport to hospital

So the 31-year-old was immediately rushed to Lichton Hospital, Where the doctors were able to find a torn testicle And injuring the other. After the surgery, the man also underwent tests related to fertility and testosterone production.

But the unfortunate incident sparked sharp protests from his wife, who, like her husband, complained about the lack of reports and fences: People have the right to be protected while walking And the period we are going through requires more. In this epidemic, walking in the fresh air is the only physical exercise permitted. Can not become risky ‘. In fact, the man added: “I am Players were distracted: seeing us they could wait for the shot Although, they never imagined hitting the ball hard. Signs and warnings should be improved: I repeat, such golf accidents should not happen..


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