“A lot of work for us staff too”


    Sofia del Peru
    August 08, 2021 08:01

    From a young man on the Edera athletics team in Forli to a masseuse for the Australian national team at the Tokyo Olympics, here is the story of Nadia Zuccherelli. Forty-year-old Forlevis, after quitting athletics due to physical problems, dedicated herself to cycling, before opening the SunnyGold Wellness Center in Meldola. “After I also quit cycling, an Australian team based in Verona called me, Eureka Scott — Nadia explained — they needed a massager for the Giro d’Italia.” But from that moment on, cooperation with the Australian national team for the World Cup and the Tokyo Olympics continued. And so he found himself in the Japanese capital on the staff of the Australian team, one of the highest in the Olympic medal table.

    Nadia continues: “I feel very comfortable, it is like a second family to me. Mutual respect comes first.” This experience gave her great feelings as reflected in her story: “It was great to see the victory of the athletes I worked with for years. I saw them make so many sacrifices and sacrifices in order to get on the Olympic podium.” “The only thing people don’t see from the outside is all the effort behind it – there are nights on your feet, massages until late, and staff working non-stop to ensure maximum quality of the athlete. That doesn’t shine through. There are a lot of people they don’t see But they help the athletes climb the highest rung of the podium.”

    When you come home, Nadia wants to welcome many people, as a program: “I can’t wait to see my partner. In recent months he has had great patience with all my business trips. Then I want to go to the center to greet my staff. I am also here thanks to them.” “. Finally, he concludes: “I will collaborate again with the Australian national team for the World Cup in Belgium in September. Then in three years there will be the Paris Olympics and who knows there.”

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