Home entertainment A look at Robert De Niro’s transformation into Al Capone

A look at Robert De Niro’s transformation into Al Capone

A look at Robert De Niro's transformation into Al Capone

In “Untouchables”, Robert De Niro plays the most famous gangster in the United States. If he hesitated to accept the role of Al Capone, the actor has finally invested himself in providing a stunning new physical transformation for director Brian De Palma.

ethereal : the wonderful thirties

Later Scarface and comedy mafia powerBrian de Palma returns to the gang world ethereal. But this time the way out is not on the side of the underworld but on the side of the authorities. Adapted from a screenplay by excellent director David Mamet.Spartan gears), a feature film released in 1987 Elliot Ness Crusader to stop Al Capone In the early thirties, during Prohibition.

A hardened cop determined to take down a Chicago crime figure is Kevin Costner’s first major role, and ethereal He pushes the actor to the rank of star. It also reveals Andy Garcia, who lent his traits to one of Nice’s associates alongside Charles Martin Smith and Sean Connery. Thanks to the personality of Jim Malone, the team mentor, the latter won Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

ethereal © Paramount Pictures

In addition to the criminals, Robert De Niro plays the role of the king nicknamed Scarface. Billy Drago plays the adorable Frank Nitti, his henchman who never backs down from his dirty work and for whom the movie offers his most chilling scenes. Patricia Clarkson will finally appear in her film as Katherine Ness. To complete this talent reunion, Ennio Morricone signed the soundtrack, which earned him a third Academy Award nomination thereafter. Heaven’s Harvest NS shipment.

Meeting between Brian De Palma and Robert De Niro

In the late 1960s, after appearing for Marcel Carney in Three bedroom in ManhattanRobert De Niro started his career Directed by Brian De Palma. Together, they make three feature films: Greetings and complementary Hello mother!, In it, the actor plays the role of a Vietnam veteran, as well as a comedic role wedding. The director then introduced the actor to Martin Scorsese, with whom he began a primary collaboration in 1973 I mean the streets.

Nearly twenty years after their debut together, ethereal Then there is a reunion between Robert De Niro and Brian De Palma. A fourth collaboration is about to be born. Originally, Bob Hoskins is engaged To add his features to Al Capone. But Brian De Palma insists on playing the role of a gangster and considers his partner and ex-boyfriend. The director also trusts an interview with Weekly Entertainment In 2006, young Vito Corleone performed a song The Godfather 2NS s At first doubtful:

I spent weeks trying to impress him because he needed to get fat and he had other movies in the making.

Bob Hoskins was finally fired and pushed $200,000 in compensation, according to information received from Los Angeles Times in 1986.

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new transformation

So Robert De Niro agreed to play coach despite his reluctance to do so, as this wasn’t his first physical transformation. But as usual, the actor will at least show an impressive effect. As for the wild bullAccept weight gain. That’s why he goes to Italy and adopts a local system that allows him to earn Twelve kilograms in just five weeks.

Communicate with representatives The tailors who dressed up as Al Capone And arrange them detailed clothes. Becky goes so far as to get her hands on Sulka’s silk underwear, the gang’s official attire, even though it never appears on screen. To highlight the resemblance to the criminal, he shaves his head, and shows itWeekly Entertainment On the 30th Anniversary of the Feature Film:

I tried to get as plump as possible and shave my head more to look as plump as possible when I needed to get ready.

Upon arrival, the resemblance between Al Capone and Robert De Niro is astounding.

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