A gesture of affection for the audience and the hidden wheelchair – Corriere.it

    A gesture of affection for the audience and the hidden wheelchair – Corriere.it

    The last farewell to Queen Elizabeth to British subjects born of the will of the son, Then the heir to the throne, Charles.

    It was an appeal to his mother: Carlo asked her to appear on a balcony Buckingham Palacedespite the precarious health conditions, to the delight of tens of thousands of people London to honor her.

    It was the 5th of June last year, it was a “joyful” culmination of the festivities Platinum Jubilee – Dedicated to the first king who is able to cross the finish line 70 years of rule – Elizabeth appeared on the balcony Buckingham Palace With an emerald green dress. The Queen will die the following September 8aged 96, at his residence Balmoralin Scotland.

    The revelation is contained in a book by journalist Robert Jobson entitled our, on April 13. Jobson, a very knowledgeable reporter, has followed the royal family’s story for years and has already published excerpts from the volume in the Daily Mail.

    Although Carlo was close to his mother and Understand the seriousness of his health conditionHe considered it important that Elizabeth make a “huge effort,” Jobson explains, an important gesture directed at the crowd.

    In agreement with Queen FYou decide to fly by helicopter from Windsor Castle to Buckingham PalaceTransported in a wheelchair hiddenA meticulously organized plan has been put in place to ensure that she is not seen using it in public. The plan was a success because no one, outside the royal family circle, suspected anything.

    Last June 2, the Queen appeared on the balcony in a light blue dress with cream trim, standing next to her cousin, Duke KentWhere I watched the huge crowd of people who came to celebrate it. This light show lit up 3,000 lighthouses across the country and the Commonwealth.

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