A forest of 500 trees, Pinocchio and friends protect the planet

    A forest of 500 trees, Pinocchio and friends protect the planet


    Pinocchio & Friends, the animated TV series from Rainbow

    Pinocchio is the “environmentalist” who grows trees instead of noses. On Earth Day, the Rainbow Initiative comes in collaboration with Treedom. It is a “Pinocchio Forest and Friends” initiative to raise awareness among families, girls and boys about the importance of trees for the planet. And so with the help of Pinocchio, the little ones will take part in a project to plant 500 trees all over the world. Pinocchio from the Rainbow will be a testament to the project, which officially launches today for World Earth Day. In fact, the plan to plant the trees that will make up the “Forest of Pinocchio and Friends” begins from this date. Avocados, white mangroves, bananas, coffee and cocoa, from Nepal to Colombia, from Kenya to Tanzania thanks to the collaboration with Treedom.
    Everyone is invited to take part in creating the forest, an opportunity to put themselves to the test by making their own contribution to protecting the environment, becoming champions, remotely planting trees, giving them away or dedicating them. I mean, plant trees instead of noses.

    “We are pleased that Rainbow, which has been committed to entertaining and transmitting values ​​to younger generations for years, has chosen Treedom to also be committed to the well-being of the planet,” said Federico Garcia, founder of Rainbow. The project will absorb carbon dioxide and protect biodiversity. On the other hand, fruit varieties provide an income opportunity for the respective communities. We are sure that together we will be able to do great things, as well as educate children about the importance of nature.”
    “We are certain that Pinocchio will be able to help convey the important messages and values ​​associated with protecting nature in a simple yet effective way. Lorena Vaccari, Rainbow Group commented, “By starting precisely with children, who will be the adults of tomorrow, we can make a difference, starting with small conscious gestures to make our planet a better, healthier place.”
    The awareness campaign will start from the official pages of the TV series, which will involve, from the first day of the initiative, children who have a lot of curiosity about trees and nature. The animated characters will promote messages through simple cards with specially created content to convey lessons about the essential role trees and tree species play within an ecosystem, and about the importance of protecting and defending them. Finally, there is a Pinocchio and Friends social media contest to give families the chance to get their own tree as a prize in the Pinocchio and Friends Forest. The initiative will be active in Italy and the United Kingdom

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