A flight attendant forced to undress during a job interview to “check for scars, birthmarks or tattoos”

    A flight attendant forced to undress during a job interview to “check for scars, birthmarks or tattoos”

    In your underwear at the job interview. It happened to a Kuwait Airways flight attendant, who reported being forced to undress to check for moles, scars, birthmarks or tattoos on their bodies. The complaint comes from the Spanish newspaper El Diario, which collected the testimonies of several girls. The incidents allegedly occurred at a hotel in Madrid, Spain, in November during a recruitment event for Meccti Recruitment Agency, the world’s largest cabin crew recruitment agency.

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    “I felt like a zoo animal.”

    “I felt like a zoo animal,” said Mariana, 23, who explained that she stayed in her underwear, bra and pantyhose while the examiner watched her and jotted down notes in a notebook.

    The selection process immediately seemed strange to the girls. At the initial examination, all girls with glasses, braces, visible scars or moles, and those deemed overweight were all rejected. Some of the girls were asked if they wanted to lose weight, while others were asked if they could eat more.

    Only three of the sixty applicants were men, but they were all rejected because the company only hired men from Kuwait.

    Flight attendants were forced to undress in front of the examiner

    Then all the selected candidates were asked to enter a room individually where the recruiter asked them to undress. “The first girl who came in was crying,” said Bianca, a 23-year-old Romanian flight attendant. When Bianca entered the room, the recruiter asked her to put on her dress. “I pulled it a little bit, just below the knee, and pulled it into my panties. My dress had a zipper in the back and she told me to pull it up to my waist, so I just stood there in my underwear and bra.”

    Maria, a 19-year-old student, said: “First I took off my blouse and left my pants, and then vice versa. The recruiter looked up and down and bent down to look at my ankles.

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    Spanish Chamber investigation: “violated the dignity of women”

    Meccti’s advertisement stated that candidates must be at least 1.58m tall with a “commensurate weight and height” – and have an “excellent general appearance”.

    The Spanish Ministry of Labor opened an investigation into my office’s recruitment. Joaquín Perez Rey, Spain’s Minister of State for Employment, called the recruits’ alleged behavior “intolerable and infringing on the dignity and fundamental rights of these women”.

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