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A different and attractive publishing method from Gabriella Greison: “This is how the scientists told the creators of our tomorrow”

A different and attractive publishing method from Gabriella Greison:

Gabriella Greison graduated in Nuclear Physics and successfully chose an innovative path, combining entertainment and scientific publishing, devoting herself to the activity of a writer, playwright and actress. They called her the “star of rock physics,” the “revolutionary face of science,” and concluded with her oratorical performance the “Alphabet of the Future” event in Turin.

Many science-related topics are unknown. Its role as an important publisher. because?
“I am a student of physics and quantum mechanics. The way I tell science in my books and plays, through the life anecdotes of many researchers and scientists of the 20th century, has been able to reach the audience. In particular, the twentieth century is the historical period that gave birth to our current technology. They lived and worked on it, minds that thought about what we live with today. It is with quantum physics that it will take us all into the future. We are seeing a second quantum revolution already underway in the US for example with artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is all news that will be our imminent future. In my books and presentations, I make of human beings the many physicists who have discovered how much we live today, from Einstein to Heisenberg to Marie Curie to Lise Meitner to Greta Hermann.”

whats the result?
“I see a lot of interest. I read in the people who attend my shows the magic of the life I tell. Today and tomorrow we will be in Usta at the Splendor Theater with performances from my latest book called Quantum Proof of Nonconformists. I narrate the life of Erwin Schrödinger. From his equations, it is possible To understand exactly how current cell phones, quantum computers or artificial intelligence work. It’s a scientist who has lived a horrific life. Nobody knows these stories. They are compelling, interesting and informative. We know everything about Kurt Cobain or Jim Morrison but we don’t know anything about The scientists who shape our lives, however, have nothing to envy to characters like Mick Jagger.”

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What do you like the most?
“Overall, it appeals to the way these scientists have been non-compliant. Being unorthodox in the world of science means being away from the ‘sinking academics’ as Einstein called them, those who don’t want to change anything. Today they can no longer stay there. “We need insightful people who know how to expose themselves to finding a different way of telling things because they can’t be in the hands of conformists. Einstein was non-committal when he wrote the theory of relativity.”

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