A chorus rises from Argentina’s dressing room, it’s controversial: the Brazilians scoff, the English insult

    A chorus rises from Argentina's dressing room, it's controversial: the Brazilians scoff, the English insult

    A new video of Argentina’s celebrations in the locker room after the success against Croatia, and new accusations against Messi and his companions. The “soundtrack” chosen by the Selicin players is offensive.

    The Argentine side did not calm down in the ninetieth minute Challenge won against Croatia But it lasted all night, which is where heartbeats belongArgentina Who reached the final in the Qatar World Cup, where he is waiting to meet his opponent, who will compete with him for the most important cup. Scenes of indomitable joy on the field, in the stands and in the streets filled with millions of fans obsessed with the achievements of Messi and his comrades. Which has not been surpassed and so, a new video of what happened in the locker room immediately after capturing the final appeared again.

    Indeed, during the World Cup on the land of Qatar, what came out of the sanctity of the rooms in the belly of the stadium sparked controversy. Controversy opened specifically against Albiceleste It is his A man of the highest representation, Leo Messi. It was on the occasion of the group stage match, against Mexico, in an empty derby that South Americans did not shun low blows. Very low indeed, as in the case of the accusations against “Pulga” of an act of extreme anti-sportsmanship.


    The alleged “anger” against Messi came during Argentina’s post-Mexico celebrations

    You can see in the video the Argentine players rejoicing at the success of the second day over the Mexicans, who were defeated 2-0 who promptly chased away the ghosts of Saudi Arabia by relaunching the Argentine dream. Among those too Leo Messi, who appears for a moment to have hit a Mexican shirt with the sole of his shoe. But on social media “It seems” becomes a sentence and all hell breaks loose around Pulga, in a whirlwind of controversies and accusations that then lead to ritual apologies after the fact. This time, the speech seems to be repeating itself, but under the lens, it is not a gesture in particular, but the “musical theme” chosen by the players to celebrate the World Final.

    Compared to the post-victory video against Mexico, the video that’s going crazy on social media today really does exist Completely different soundtrack. It has always been a hymn of joy and happiness, but it has become an excuse to open a new controversy over the lyrics used in the song. “Yo soy así, soy argentino”, “I am so, I am Argentinian”It is a clear statement of national identity, but it disturbed many above all Brazilians and English. These are the two countries the song refers to, mentioning football and political rivalries.

    Brasilero qué pasó, arrugó el Pentacampeon /
    Messi is fue for Río and with the copa se quedó /
    Somos la Banda argentina, siempre vamos a lentar /
    Therefore, we carry the dream of ascending to the world championship /
    Yo asi soybean, Argentine soybean, Inglesis p… de Malvinas no me olvido /
    Yo soya asi, vingo a alintarte, a la argentina yo cigo a todas bars

    These are the words of the song sung by Messi, Dybala and all the members of Scaloni’s world “crew”, in a festive atmosphere that nothing could expect to turn into a new controversy. But what are the references that ignited the dispute again? First of all, the double reference to Brazil being so badly wiped out by Croatia. “Brazil what happened” says the songFive-time world champion shrank, confirming the early exit of Seleção’s first candidate for the final victory. To then trample the last (and still painful) defeat in the 2021 Copa America, between Brazil and Argentina, which the Silesians won on green and golden ground: “Messi left for Rio and returned with the cup.”

    But if the classic pitch quip is meant for footballers of all time, the text hits its hand in England: “English son of ap … I don’t forget the Malvinas” It is sung in a poem that recalls the year 1982 and the (failed) attempt by the Argentine government to regain the Falkland Islands (the Malvinas) with a military intervention over the United Kingdom, always claiming its sovereignty. A gesture that most people consider excessive, decidedly out of place and context and which once again obscures the festive atmosphere of the Skaloni national team, “The Argentinian band, always ready to cheer”.

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