A 400-meter mural of Palermo

    A 400-meter mural of Palermo

    Some of the most important names in world graffiti art are guests in Palermo for the first edition of Festigraf, organized by Palermo FC within the Palermo Festival calendar. For the occasion, urales over 400 linear meters in length will be created: from June 16 to 19 the ancient iron and glass portal becomes the “canvas” for the largest street art “jam” ever in Sicily, with some of the most important international graffiti artists coming especially for the occasion .

    An urban redevelopment project (already developed in 2020 by Palermo with the approval of the municipality of Palermo and then banned due to the epidemic) which is now coming to life thanks to the compatibility with the Palermo Festival, the review of events and concerts that brings the live music festival back to Barbera Park for the first time after 50 years old Palermo recalls the great 70’s Pop.

    At the end of the first edition of Palermo Festigraff, with the artistic guidance of Luca D’Agostino in collaboration with Giulio Rosc, the works will remain as a legacy of the Palermo Festival that will change the face of the entire neighborhood, creating a wonderful experience. artistic work en plein air And a perfect natural set of photos and videos for visitors and enthusiasts.

    Among the artists who have agreed to come to Palermo for the occasion, there will be for example CES, straight from New York, pioneer of the movement and a true living legend, one of the most creative and original masters of style in the world of graffiti. His simple, simplified messages have influenced generations of writers around the world. From Gran Canaria will come Cesar, known for his unique style both in terms of lettering and in realistic photography, straddling both the underground and the traditional art side, which over the years has led him to the world’s most important graffiti festivals. Instead, Mr. Wany, one of the world’s most famous Italian street artists, will come from Milan, with 30 years of activism around the planet and style with wild characters influenced by 3D technologies. For example, his book is the Guinness Book of Records for the longest canvas in the world, created with 150 international artists for writing and street art in the United Arab Emirates.

    Besides them, dozens of other artists from the United States, Spain, Slovenia and Italy are from Lombardy, Sardinia, Liguria, Lazio and Veneto, as well as a representative of Sicilian artists from Palermo and Catania.

    30 artists will gather together for three days to give life to a trove of color and themes, each interpreting their own space with their own artistic sensibilities, beginning with the themes most closely related to the stadium’s identity: belonging and emotional tension. , references to the eagle and the ambition to fly, and other artistic inspirations left to inspire the respective authors. The part of the gate overlooking the Stadio delle Palme will be entirely entrusted to groups of Curva Nord fans, who in the next few days will decorate the entire gate on the side of the entrances at the north curve and steps.

    The urban redevelopment initiative was made possible by the approval of the Supervisory Authority for Cultural and Environmental Heritage and the Real Estate Resources Sector of the Municipality of Palermo, which has praised the project since its first draft in 2019.

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