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A 10-minute workout to start the day beautifully

A 10-minute workout to start the day beautifully

There are 24 hours in a day, 8 of which are usually used for rest. Only about an hour is the time that we have two main meals. The rest of the time is devoted to work, study, and loved ones themselves. Are we sure we can’t even find ten minutes to stay fit and healthy? ProiezionidiBorsa’s editorial staff demonstrates a 10-minute workout to start the day beautifully.

Three sets of fifteen crushing exercises

This is an example of a short daily workout, which includes 3 sets of 15 for each subsequent exercise. The first exercise is an abs exercise that should be done completely lying on the mat with the legs at right angles. The arms are on either side of the temples, and without neck stress, lift the head, neck, and shoulders toward the abdomen. To avoid straining your back, just place a high point in front of you. Stand fifteen times, rest for a few seconds and do two identical sets.

Toe touches

The second exercise is the toe touches, and this is called because in this exercise the arms are pushed up so that the toes can be touched. In the lying position on the exercise mat, lift your legs up and perpendicularly. Then raise your back, neck, and head, and extend your arms towards your legs. Do small push-ups that get your arms to touch your toes (or ankles, for non-operative ones). The important thing is not to put too much pressure on the back, which should never be painful. Again 15 exercises for each chain, for a total of 3 complete chains.

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Buttock bridge

This is a 10-minute exercise to start the day beautifully, which continues with Exercise Three: the Brigade Bridge. Still lying on the rug with your legs at right angles, straighten your arms horizontally across your head and lift your buttocks. We need to recreate a kind of bridge, create an angle with the body. Then, back down onto the mat, and slowly turn the pelvis back to the starting position. Always 3 sets of 15 for this exercise as well.

Side leg lift

We continue targeted exercise on legs and stomach. On the rug, stand on your side and hold your head with one arm bent at an angle. The other arm will be placed in front of the abdomen, with one hand touching the mat. Leave one leg straight and lift the other straight. Do 3 sets of 15 and repeat the same thing on the other side and on the other leg.

Cobra stand

How to finish a 10-minute workout to start your day beautifully? With a widely practiced yoga pose that deeply relaxes the body: Cobra. Stretch your body against the mat, so your stomach is in contact with it and your legs fully extended. Lift the upper body up, roughly from the head to the middle of the pelvis. It is not necessary to perform unnatural movements, but to lift the body according to one’s potential and degree of flexibility. Wait 15 seconds and return to a lying position. thrice. A good workout and a good start to the day!

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard which can be referred to World Health Organization”)

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