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98 years in the Air Force, Mattarella: “A very valuable contribution” – Chronicle

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“The important contribution made to dealing with the health emergency has not removed Arma Azzurra from the obligation to fulfill the commitments made by the government and parliament at the national and international levels and to consider the broader challenges of technology and aircraft development.” Written by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella in a letter to the Chief of Staff of the Air ForceGeneral Alberto Russo, General Air Force Corps, on the occasion of The 98th / month anniversary of the Blue Army Constitution. Mattarella recalls that “by men and means, the Air Force has been employed to support Italy’s participation in the international peacekeeping missions of the European Union, the United Nations and NATO: from Afghanistan to Lebanon, from Iraq to Kosovo, and from the Horn of Africa to sub-Saharan Africa, as well as assistance In ensuring air defense in Iceland, the Baltic states, Romania, Albania, Montenegro and Slovenia. A significant contribution to NATO and the international community, which confirms our country’s solidarity in the indivisible cause of peace and security.“.

“In addition to protecting the national airspace, the Air Force made, in a particularly difficult scenario due to the prolongation of the epidemic, a very valuable contribution through all its joints from air transport to the return of citizens and in high biological containment, transporting the injured, transporting medical supplies and vaccines to remote sites and islands, and establishing The center for receiving, storing and sorting the same vaccines in Pratica di Mare. “The engineering department – reminds the head of state – has established useful field structures to support hospitals. The experimental department was distinguished by design, accreditation and production, with the latest 3D reproduction systems, for breathing valves starting from the application of protective masks.”

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So the head of state recalls “tenderly the tri-color embrace of the acrobatic national team as it flew over the regional capitals during the closure period last year” and sends in his message “a special greeting to Frechi Tricolori in the year of their 60th anniversary.” “On this day, the desires and gratitude of the entire country reach the women and men of all ranks of the Air Force and the civil servants, serving in both Italy and the theater of operations, and their families. Long live the air force, the armed forces, long live the republic!”

“Best wishes for the Italian Air Force, which for nearly a century has been monitoring the safety of our airspace and ensuring relief and support. Thanks to the women and men of this body which, even in emergency situations, serves the country with courage and dedication,” confirms the President of the Senate Elisabetta Alberti Caselati.

The president of the chamber said: “I extend my heartfelt thanks to the Air Force, its men and women every day in serving the country. Your commitment, even in these particularly difficult months for our society, is always precious.” Roberto Fico.

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