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The tried and tested Road 96, a crossroads adventure with procedural elements of undeniable potential for Nintendo Switch and PC

The short and exciting demo gave us a way to do that Try Route 96Arriving in the summer on Switch and Steam, a thrilling adventure with actionable elements invites us to face a challenging journey of hikes, encounters and strange challenges that hinder our escape from the tyrannical country of Petria.

An adventure at a crossroads, the promise of countless variables

There is no shortage of motels and gas stations
There is no shortage of motels and gas stations

Announced with an evocative trailer during the 2020 Game Awards, Road 96 didn’t leave us indifferent with the promise of an atypical experience, starting with a special blend of stylistic elements. The hair of the ’70s, the clothes of the ’80s, and the music of the ’90s fit so well with the images of the authoritarian state of the late twentieth century that it fits with the dictatorship from which we are estranged. However, the views are those of the United States among the great deserts, snow-capped peaks, and fir forests. However, it is precisely in this combination of American drama and coastal-to-coast overtones that interesting spirit crossroads adventure With procedural, or rather randomly selected, elements that promise a real journey full of surprises and always different in each game.

The game’s environments include deserts, motels, and gas stations, as well as everything you can find along the highway. All stages of the journey that allow us to freely explore parts of the world where we can find job opportunities, means of luck, shortcuts and encounters, which are an essential element of the game. All these elements characterize, in fact, narrative dimension البعد Adventure that allows us, based on choices, to make friends and alliances or face enemies, as in the case of the policemen responsible for arresting those who intend to cross the border.

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Encounters are an essential element of the game
Encounters are an essential element of the game

Turning down jobs or giving up express delivery can avoid some problems, which is already evident in the demo as structured as possible as the final game, but finding a lane that will allow you to cover many kilometers of travel in one fell swoop, as well as allow you to Better knowing who gave it to us, as in the case of the horrid thieves who carry the player in their sidecar in the first part of the demo. Here, among other things, we found ourselves busy throwing banknotes at a policeman, in one of the many mini games Designed to make money and make the trip exciting. However, this is too bad for the simplistic gameplay to say the least, which can also be said about the gas station mini-game that we encountered later.

We’ve seen quite a bit of Road 96 so far, but the Digitar title certainly doesn’t lack the ability to deliver a noteworthy interactive storyline, able to combine procedural and adventurous elements at a crossroads with suggestive environments, gruesome characters, and important themes. However, the unknowns in variety and actual depth of narrative and mini-games undoubtedly remain the demo’s weak point.


  • The combination of procedural elements and crossroads adventure has a lot of potential
  • Atmosphere is working fine
  • It also looks perfect for playing on the go
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  • Mini games that adjoin the superfluous
  • We still see very little

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