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90% of cases by August

90% of cases by August

The delta variable It has become widespread in Europe, and may be responsible for 90% of cases by August. Currently, the variant first identified in India already accounts for more than 20% of cases in many countries, including France, Germany and Italy.

The growing spread of the delta variant, that is the fear of EU leaders, could jeopardize summer’s plans for freedom of movement thanks to the green corridor and halt the recovery with a new wave in October.

Delta variant: It is already widespread in Germany

When looking at the data on the prevalence of variants, always keep in mind that they are just pictures of the situation from weeks ago.

at GermanyFor example, according to data from last June 20, the delta variant made up 36% of cases, up from 15% last week. According to Lothar Weller, head of the Robert Koch Institute of the Public Health Agency, he is now represented in Germany More than 50% of cases.

Bavaria Prime Minister Markus Soeder said that during the summer it would become the dominant option. Germany banned travel from Portugal and Russia on Tuesday, and called for travelers from the United Kingdom to be banned across the European Union.

at France The situation is similar: according to the director of the Ile-de-France health agency, Aurelien Rousseau, in the Paris region, 21.4% of cases are caused by the delta variant.

The delta variable in Italy is close to 20%

also in Italy Today, Monday, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health said that the boom is now approaching 20%. Berpaolo Celeri.

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According to a British study, a double dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca reduces the risk of hospitalization even against the delta variant by 96% and 92%, respectively. Despite this, infections are on the rise in the UK, with 22,868 new cases on Monday, raising the risk of further and serious developments of the virus.

In just two weeks, the number of active cases in Israel, which conducted one of the fastest vaccination campaigns, rose from 206 active cases to 1,254.

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