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9 FREE PS4 & PS5 Games Ready to Download for Everyone!

9 FREE PS4 & PS5 Games Ready to Download for Everyone!

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You remember the initiative Play Home di casa PlayStation? Lots of free games for PS4 and PS5 To be recovered on your accounts, without restrictions of any kind. So it is not necessary that you have it Play Station Plus Or nothing else: Just launch your consoles (or browser), go to the free games tabs and get them back.

There are 9 free games available on the Sony PlayStation from today until April 23rd. It is about AbzeeAnd the SupnauticaAnd the witnessAnd the Infinite rez (With PS VR support), Astronomical robots rescue mission (Dedicated exclusively to PS VR), Enter Gungeon, Thumper (For PS VR) e moss (Always for PS VR). Among these there are some really good pearls, including the three mentioned at the beginning of the list. The mission to rescue Moss and Astro Bot (also Rez, to be honest) would be valuable on its own Buy PlayStation VR.

Even if you have a PlayStation 5 and still have a viewer, you still deserve a refund because Sony is investigating The second generation PlayStation VR That I already showed Foreman. The just mentioned nine titles have also been added Ratchet and clankIf you haven’t downloaded it yet. It is also part of Sony’s Play at Home initiative. From April 19 to May 14 Instead it will be there as a gift Horizon Zero DawnAnother little masterpiece that has also been available on PC for quite some time.

We then come to Link to download the 9 (+1) games for free. As mentioned earlier, you can also recover them from a browser on a computer or mobile device: just create a file Sign in with your PlayStation credentials To follow the action on the PlayStation Store.

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