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9 cents per web page visited – Corriere.it

9 cents per web page visited - Corriere.it

Speak to Prosecutor Francesco Cagani and Assistant Eugenio Fusco Former Consultant Engineer at Accenture (Wind technology platform company between February and June 2020 rather than Pure Bros. is under investigation.) He stated that he was asked by managers of Vitria (as of December 27, 2019, a company that has acquired Pure Bros in contract with Wind content producers), and added that The kidnapping of 9 cents at a time is set to a cap of 1 euro per month, so that the user does not even notice In the invoice but the system can still make money at scale.

Monday New protective boutOn the orders of magistrate Patrizia Nobile, what has emerged in the last months of 21 million euros confiscated from Wind of percentages on services fraudulently activated by content companies such as Bright Moby and Yoom through the Pure Bros. Technology Center. right Now Instead, the preventive hold links €204,000 to Accenture’s accounts (where technician Domenico Galina worked), and 109,000 on the accounts of Vetrya, a listed company that yesterday signed an ultra-fast connection agreement with Open Fiber, whose CEO Luca Tomassini, then-managing director Alessandro Brilli and chief operating officer Simone Polverini are being investigated for hypothesis of computer fraud. And here it opens another chapter, because for the investigators, the task was already born by A Vitera’s conflict of interest, which at that moment would have ended up covering all supply chain roles: Wind’s commercial hub, content producer, content producer aggregator for Tim, and also sector call center manager, in contrast to Resolution 108 of 2019 from AGCOM-Communications Authority.

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The data WindTre provided to Agcom is certainly surprising (after the OTP investigation) The rules have changed and the user who wants an additional service must request the removal of the previously set block: On 8 million and 278 thousand subscribers of Wind customers who received the activation of the ban, in light of the new regulatory legislation They expressed their desire not to activate the siege in 390. The new chief of WindTre, who took over the position from the colleague who was investigated in March 2020, adds to investigators: So far Accenture Activations Reduced Significantly, with an average drop from 30/40,000 activations per day in April 2020 to 2,000 daily activations in June 2020, then reactivation back to zero in July. The day before yesterday we did 100…

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