5G, Vodafone connects five other UK airports

    5G, Vodafone connects five other UK airports

    Four are already in operation, and three are in the process of finalizing their network infrastructure, so British airport hubs are launching the challenge of super-connectivity to the whole world, and especially to Europe. Minister Salvini criticized the green light from the European Union Commission for the fifth generation network in airports and planes.

    British airport hubs are increasingly connected to the 5G network

    Two airports are already connected to the network 5G from Vodafone UKGeorge Best Belfast and Newcastle International Airport. Three more will arrive in the coming months, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow, with network installation in the operational phase entrusted to Exchange Communications.

    The news was provided by Vodafone itself, which in this way wants to ensure that passengers from all over the world arrive in the UK, or simply transit to other intercontinental destinations, using smartphones and other devices that support 5G technology, Access to a full range of new generation services.

    new services

    In addition to the technical characteristics of the new network standard, such as high speed, low latency, stable connection, speed in downloading movies, access to any content and documents for work, study and entertainment, it will also be possible Contactless check-into go up with digital passportAnd book smart rickshaws via the app and much more in terms of shopping at the airport shops.

    This means a new virtual environment, perhaps Metaverse (Example BLR Metaport of Bangalore), which perfectly integrates and intertwines with the physical infrastructure of the airport, with new opportunities for doing business, job creation and business development for the entire community living in the area.

    These are not the first launches of 5G networks for airports, in the UK, because ever Vodafone has already connected the airport to the next generation network Manchester in 2019 and thereafter Gatwick In March 2022.

    Gatwick recorded an influx of 60,000 passengers per day during 2019, for a total of 47 million crossings. Vodafone UK intends

    There are no security problems at the moment

    In spite of The security issues it raisesRI’m in the United States Attributing to the interference caused by 5G networks to devices on board aircraft, nothing like this has happened in Great Britain, at least according to data published by the Civil Aviation Authority, which repeatedly highlights ‘no reports of any kind of criticality or even 5G related accidents.

    In Europe, the same situation, in the absence of issues or critical incidents related to possible interference from the 5G network with equipment on board aircraft, The European Commission has given the green light to airlines to offer next-generation connectivity services to all passengers.

    Italian position

    The Minister of Infrastructure and the Deputy Prime Minister also expressed his views on the matter to Italy, Matthew SalviniSpeaking at Confesercenti:The European Commission has agreed that 5G can be used in flight so you can also make calls on the plane: I don’t know how you think but on the plane it was the only unattainable moment of peace and quiet. Like Mit, we’ll also see how to adjust this permanent accessibility over time because time is a precious commodity“.

    His message is strange, at odds with what is happening in Europe and the UK, easy to misunderstand, because it seems that we in Italy have neither the intention nor the capacity nor the experience to connect our main airports to the 5G network.

    Regarding what has been said, one can ask the minister, but by saying this, is there not a serious risk of harming the operators of the sector and their investment plans? What could be the implications for the levels of competitiveness of our airports compared to European and British airports?

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