Home World 59 people were vaccinated using the same syringe

59 people were vaccinated using the same syringe

59 people were vaccinated using the same syringe

in Austria 59 people They might get a fix An anti-virus vaccine from Same sonsfrom and to The same needle.

Incredible and win-win story Maximum attention In the past few hours, between newspapers, social media, and healthcare environments themselves.

All this happened in the city of Austria Muerz surchargeThe victims were witnessed by employees of a local company, Voestalpine Boehler Bleche, that specializes in producing steel plates.

Like many companies, it has made i Vaccines for their workersHowever, on one of the days of administration, the doctor used the same syringe and needle to inoculate the medicine to several people.

People Vaccinated with the Same Syringe: How Was This Possible?

It is not clear if all 59 employees who were eligible for vaccination in the offending time period actually received the dose from the same syringe and needle.

When the doctor was asked what happened, he admitted that the syringe with the same needle was Used on multiple people, But he was not able to determine the exact number, nor was he able to explain whether his gesture was due to a distraction or something else.

Suspended a few hours after the company had formally notified the Austrian authorities; But it was the same company running the vaccinations that realized that the syringes were used many times, and ran into a problem Much more number of injections Of those that had to be used.

He is still trying to clarify the facts and provide accurate figures for multi-purpose; Meanwhile, all employees were immediately exposed to Control analysis No one appears to have been infected.

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Errors in the vaccination campaign

Given the global scale of the Covid vaccination campaign, it is in fact bound to happen Errors and omissions During administration.

However, it must be said that the scene in Austria is one of the most dangerous, given the danger and above all to give a gesture that already appears from a medical point of view. Hardly understood.

Among the mistakes, we must remember what happened a few weeks ago in Italy, when a 23-year-old was given 4 doses of the vaccine.

In this case, the young lady decided Do not submit a complaint Against the nurse and indicated that similar errors could occur.

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