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5 things you need to know about us

5 things you need to know about us

Between us, the popular team and party game developed by the American company Innersloth in 2018, will soon also be available on Xbox One, Series X and S, and on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Here are some intriguing things about the video game that has had a real boom over the past year. .

1) News coming soon

The €32.99 Crewmate Edition will launch on December 14, 2021 in the UK and Europe.

A Japanese and South Korean release will follow on December 16, while the US, Canada and Latin America will have to wait until January 11.

The €49.99 Impostor Edition and the €89.99 Ejected Edition will launch in Spring 2022 in several countries.

2) How do I play

Between us It is a multiplayer game with a space theme. Supports 4 to 15 players. 1 to 3 of these players are randomly selected in each game as crooks or switchers, while the rest are astronauts, scientists, parents, or engineers.

The game can take place on one of four maps: the first is a spaceship (The Skeld), the second is the headquarters (MIRA HQ), the third is a planetary base (Polus) and the fourth is the clan’s cylinder blimp. (Airship).

3) Characters and rules

Each player plays one of two intended roles: an astronaut and a crook. The goal for the astronauts is to identify and eliminate the crooks while completing missions on the map, while the goal for the crooks is to eliminate all the astronauts anonymously.

When a player dies, he becomes a ghost, whose goal is to help the remaining members of their team. Ghosts have the ability to pass through walls, but they can only interact with the world in small ways and are only visible to other ghosts.

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4) Development and updates

Between us It was developed in 2017 by Innersloth, a team that produces indie games. Created by three people, a programmer and two artists, the game was initially released on the Steam platform, in addition to being free for Android and iOS.

On June 15, 2021, with the game version update, the developers added the ability to play in a lobby with 15 players and new colors to use on your characters. In early 2021, Innersloth also added a new map, The Airship. Finally, in the November update, they created 4 new roles, including 3 for crew members and 1 for crooks.

5) Wow

We have often been compared to Fall Guys, as both are online party games that have become popular during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020, an unexpected boom with 1.5 million concurrent players turned into a fight for the game’s servers, prompting developer Innersloth to focus on expanding the original game rather than the sequel.

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