Home sport 5 gold medals in athletics like USA

5 gold medals in athletics like USA

5 gold medals in athletics like USA

Victory in the men’s 4X100 relay after historic success in the 100m culminates in Italy in Tokyo 2021. It is a icing on the cake of discipline, and athletics that – with an emphasis on the most precious metal – has won the same number of US gold. Not many successes.

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Five gold medals in athletics as the United States. Victory in the men’s 4X100 relay after the historic success in the 100m crowns Italy in Tokyo 2021. It’s true that the United States has so far had 23 total titles in these Olympics in various disciplines (almost 5 times more than Azzurri’s result) but the American hype It makes a lot of noise if the focus remains on the most precious metals. National victory is the adrenaline rush that rocks the sports world. A success that surprises, glorifies, and divides among those who cannot accept such a result and wonder, even evoking infamous hints, how much progress could have been made in a fairly short period of time (ref., in particular, at the time of the Marcel Jacobs The new Olympic champion), even rolling out tricks and boots, and those who welcome the event are witnessing a leap forward for a new generation of athletes.

An electric shock for the English ravaged by the Tricolor quartet for a penny (37 50 vs. 37 51), with Mitchell-Blake no peace for losing the final – crucial – segment against Filippo Turteau In extraordinary progress, accompanying the racing parts carried out Lorenzo Bata so Isiusa Desalu. The extent of the disappointment (the ninth) against Italy lies in the story of the commentator’s test or in the headlines risking “Pasta Italia”. But reducing Italy’s successes to a controversial tail of rivalry resulting from defeat in the European Football Championship is unfair and does not give the right dimensions to the mission accomplished by the Tri-Color campaign to the Rising Sun.

coney head, Giovanni Malaggi, the results obtained (medal record at the Games) determined “Sports Excellence”, the greatest sporting success in our history. The numbers make up for the bitter results of fencing and swimming (which has always been a preferred repository of medals) and the convenience of the growth of other disciplines. Taking a look at the historical medal table of Italy in athletics, from the 1900 edition in Paris to Rio 2016, there were 19 Olympic titles won by our country. Not many successes (5) in a date of four years, 3 at most and it is necessary to go back in time to Los Angeles 1984 and Moscow 1980.

Besides the names that marked an era like Alberto CovaAnd Maurizio DamlanoAnd Petro Minia Now they appear too Massimo StanoAnd Antonella PalmisanoAnd Gianmarco TampereAnd Marcel Jacobs and periodic relay 4×100. A quarter of the usual victories in a few weeks were concentrated in Japan thanks to the work carried out with Italian technicians. Strong states such as Ryan Crozier (men’s shot put), Sydney McLaughlin (women’s 400m hurdles), Athing Mo (women’s 800m), Valary Caroline Allman (women’s discus), Kathryn Elizabeth Nugget (women’s jump with auction). Italy woke up hoping that it was only the beginning.

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