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5 amazing and easy-to-grow plants that will make our balcony a true fairytale garden

For flowers that are always healthy, beautiful, and sparkling, these 5 quick and easy tricks are enough to try them out completely!

It often happens, when we have to choose which plants to grow on our balcony, that the difference is between edible plants and decorative plants: However, there are some plants that can be included in both categories. Here are 5 amazing, easy-to-grow plants that will make our balcony a true fairy garden.


Our first plants definitely exist Stevia. One of the most popular perennial herbs, its leaves are used to sweeten drinks and delicacies, thus replacing sugar.

smart watch

This plant that is perfectly adapted to life in pots prefers well-oxygenated soil exposed to sunlight. March is the month in which it can be grown and is usually harvested in summer thus avoiding the cold and freezing temperatures.

Goji berries

Another wonderful plant, which is native to Asia and a relative of tomatoes, which cannot be missed is the goji punk plant. This shrub, very famous for its nutritional properties, should be grown in spacious pots with soft, slightly moist soil.

A beautiful and exceptional tree that makes our balcony interesting and colorful: it also allows us to enjoy wonderful wonderful fruit for free.

Chinese Mandarin

Chinese mandarin, or kumquat, is also a great addition to our fairy tale balcony.

Thanks to this vibrant tree, in fact, we will be able to give more color to our balcony as well as collect small, sweet-tasting citrus fruits.

For Kingio

And if we wanted to bring a touch of authenticity to our corner of Heaven, we cannot forgetAlkinjo: An amazing perennial herbaceous plant studded with reddish cresal flowers, inside which we find beautiful and delicious edible berries.

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An original and mysterious touch that will help create the necessary “surprise” to dazzle even the most stubborn.


Finally, we also find hemerocallis, an edible herb that is harvested throughout the summer. From this plant we will be able to eat both the roots, which are very similar to potatoes, but also the leaves and flowers: a feature that makes them Must have In an amazing original garden.

It was these five gorgeous, easy-to-grow plants that would make our balcony a true fairytale garden: a simple and effective way to dazzle neighbors and guests alike.

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