4th November Gymnasium School, Floor End of Month


    MACERATA – Works in the structure are going well, tests are expected by March. Consultant Andrea Marchiori: “The installation of the fittings has been completed, the company is assembling a ventilation system that serves the structure”

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    Work in the gym

    From Mauro Giustozzi

    The ventilation system is being assembled, by the end of January the gym floor will be laid after which the walls will be painted and an external curb will be built. At this point, it can be said that the works on the new gymnasium adjacent to the IV Novembre School have been completed: it will remain only to conduct the necessary tests which, as of this schedule, are expected by March, and from that moment on the new structure can be used both by students of the school complex and the neighboring kindergartens but also by associations and sports clubs in the afternoon hours that do not There are lessons.

    School - Fourth - November 3-300 x 400The start of 2022 finally offers a glimpse into the finish line banner of this precious structure that will enrich the city with a pole specifically dedicated to sport to coincide with the year 2022. Macerata European Sports City which was highly coveted by the Parcaroli Junta. Staying in mathematical jargon, let’s say we’re within sight of the last kilometer before crossing this much-awaited landmark by both students attending IV Novembre School and area residents who have been observing this construction site for many months and progress in the coming weeks. They will see its completeness inside and out. The attention given by the municipal administration to this new gymnasium is confirmed by the constant and constant inspections carried out by the Public Works Adviser, Andrea Marchori, carried out in a structure across Spalatto to personally follow the evolution of the situation. “These days at the beginning of the year, I went to the construction site of the new gymnasium for IV Novembre school – Andrea Marchiore told us – and was able to see how the work had reached a very advanced stage. The fixtures and floors in the changing rooms have been completed and the company is assembling the ventilation system to service Structure At the end of this month we will move on to laying the gym floor, which is special, resin, suitable for the sports activities that will be done there, which does not require much of what I have been told. It is time to locate it. Then we move on to drawing the gym and building The outer berth, and with the completion of the works, the planned tests will be conducted at the end of March.”

    School - Fourth - November6-325x183The start date of the construction site for the new gymnasium dates back to September 2020, therefore, Plexus pupils will have to wait a little longer before they can take advantage of the new and modern structure located behind the school building on the 4th of November. Built in a wholly publicly owned area, adjacent to the school complex, the gymnasium will serve not only the pupils attending the school and the adjacent kindergarten, but all citizens who are attracted to a densely populated area of ​​the capital. In fact, in hours outside of school, it can be the headquarters of the Macerata sports federations. The complex is built with a supporting structure in a framework of reinforced concrete with a roof made of plywood for the part relating to the playing field which will be 24 x 15 meters and paved with PVC and suitable for all major indoor activities such as volleyball, basketball and handball, with a height of not less than 7.70 meter. The new gymnasium, on the side overlooking Via Casciano da Fabriano, overlooks a former neighborhood sports stadium where a car park for the school and residents will now be built, which will house about forty parking spaces. The municipality included the intervention, whose total cost amounted to 1,195,000.00 euros, in the regional plan for the construction of schools 2018-20, after which it obtained a loan from the Ministry of Education of 490,000 euros. This represents the new gym Another important step forward in the process of improving school structures in the capital.

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    Scuola IV Novembre, the new gym takes shape as ‘Testing in January’

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