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4 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Better and Have a Tidy Space to Save Time

4 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Better and Have a Tidy Space to Save Time

Research by Al.ta Cucina, published in early 2021, shows how the epidemic has sparked a love for cooking. In fact, the survey shows that 77% of Italians have spent much more time in the kitchen while closed than in the past. And that 55% are discovering, for the first time in their lives, during a pandemic, the joy of cooking.

In order not to make this love fade so quickly, it is imperative, however, that creativity and passion go hand in hand with the organization. Because only a well-organized kitchen can guarantee unlimited enthusiasm. Even when we find ourselves in the most stressful situation, when we have little time available, when we have to prepare a hot meal in a few minutes. Here are 4 tips to better organize your kitchen and have a tidy and organized space to save time.

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Get rid of what you don’t need

This may sound trivial but we tend to pile mountains of useless things, which turn into real hindrances while preparing food. Therefore, the first step is to do so backing downThis isn’t about throwing things at random, but rather understanding if they are really needed. If you have less space, you can install shelves to store cups, mugs, bowls and other utensils of daily use on them. But even before starting the arrangement, it is necessary to organize the spaces well, dividing them into homogeneous zones. One dedicated area for washing, one for prep, and one for cooking.

How to organize a washing area

In the washing area, it is better to have a sink with a double sink, so that you can easily wash food, and at the same time, clean utensils. The dishwasher should be located next to the sink to facilitate loading and unloading. Additionally, this also improves hydraulic hose connections. As far as waste management is concerned, in the event that a balcony is not available, a trash bin should be placed under the sink. For hygiene reasons, the box must be closed and emptied often.

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How to organize a food preparation area

For a practical kitchen, it is necessary to have free surfaces and various points of support, which allow you to work without hindrance. You don’t have to have huge kitchens: just choose an area, even one square meter, and always leave it free of tools and accessories.

How to organize the cooking area

The advice is to place the stove and ovens (regular or microwave) close together, so you can observe more cooking at the same time. The oven can be placed at the bottom or at eye level, while the microwave oven can simply be placed on top. Be careful not to place anything on it or attach a magnet. Spices and flavorings should be stored in easy-to-wash plastic containers.

4 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Better, Have Tidy Space, and Save Time.


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