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3,500 new employees have been scheduled


Under a union agreement that many employees will leave, Intesa San Paolo is ready to hire 3,500 new employees

Intesa San Paulo

Its definitely not prolific period regarding Looking for a job Become aware of Recruit A block of groups of particular interest giving new life to youth.

This time it was his turn Intesa San Paulo Thanks, prof A union agreement to leave 7,200 employees, which will employ 3,500 by 2024. A fair compromise to allow a retirement or solidarity fund for those who wish, after years of work, to enjoy retirement and encourage the entry of new recruits, who wish to participate, in the hope of securing the long-awaited “permanent job”.

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Intesa San Paolo, New Employees: Profiles sought

One of the most ambitious goals is Employment of graduates or young graduates On the basis of career level By 2024. Therefore, a space for those who have completed a course of study in Economics, trade, business economics, banking economics, marketing, law, finance and other disciplines related to these subjects.

As for the interview methods, management looks rather innovative, complete with Digital interview. The candidate Once you contact the jobs page, you must register Video interview This will be followed by other steps envisaged by the selection process, leading to the ultimate goal of entering the company.

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To know all the details about this amazing opportunity, all that remains is to go to the official website of Intesa San Paulo In the section devoted to Recruit.

So finally it was an important turning point aimed at favoring the generational change that follows another very important point of the well-known bank that has a registered office in Turin. In fact, in the coming weeks the union measures to merge by merging UBI Banca at the parent company Intesa San Paolo.

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