30 days to apply, salary increase will be 9.19%

    30 days to apply, salary increase will be 9.19%

    Section 1, Section 286 of the 2023 Budget Act provided an incentive tied to the early retirement quota 103, a Maronite bonus.

    This is a contribution exemption that includes an increase in net salary for employees nearing early retirement.


    In fact, even though these workers meet the requirements for retirement with the 103 quota, they decide not to request early retirement and remain in employment until the old-age pension requirements are met. Here’s what you need to know in detail.

    Bonus Maroni: the way for those who don’t want to quit their jobs yet

    The executive decree for the new Maroni bonus, the incentive employees can receive instead of retiring with a 103 share, will soon be published in the Official Gazette, as 41 years of contributions have been paid. The amount of the allowance is calculated up to December 1995 under the salary system, and then from January 1996 under the contributions system.

    Enter the range of job offers, pensions, bonuses, disability – 104 and news

    Those who choose the Maroni bonus and, therefore, to continue working, will have an increase in their net salary. This will be possible because they will no longer have to pay their share of INPS contributions. The salary increase will be equal to 9.19% also because they will be able to waive part of the disability, old age and survivors (IVS) contribution. This contribution is usually withheld from the salary by the employer who then pays it to the INPS; So, by not paying it anymore, it stays on the paycheck.

    Upon reaching the old-age pension, the amount due on the first expiration date, or achieving the 103 quota requirements: In practice, there is a kind of salary crystallization.

    However, it should be noted that the bonus is not automatic. In fact, as provided by the executive decree, the employee must submit a specific application to the INPS. Then, after 30 days, the social security institution will notify the employee of the fulfillment of the requirements and the employer of his intention to remain at work.

    In any case, after the Executive Decree is published in the Official Gazette, INPS will publish a press release with operating instructions.

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