Home Economy 28 illegal diesel plants seized in Alto Mantofano

28 illegal diesel plants seized in Alto Mantofano

28 illegal diesel plants seized in Alto Mantofano

It also stamps 100,000 liters of fuel: 29 complaints and a fine of 250,000 euros. The Guardia di Finanza in action

Hi Mantofano. Operation of the Guardia di Finanza in Mantua to combat the phenomenon of illegal fuel distribution. First Lieutenant Castiglione delle Stevier identified and seized 28 plants and more than 100,000 liters of diesel fuel throughout Alto Mantovano.

The investigative activity, which began in February two years ago, was carried out through a very careful analysis of the information that can be obtained from the computer databases used by Fiamme Gialle, supported by the capillary control of the area.

The investigation was aimed at ensuring the regular use of fuel for convenience uses, such as agriculture, identifying any smuggling of smuggled fuel or from an illicit source and verifying the possession of the necessary administrative licenses as well as ensuring the protection of the environment.

Almost all of the seized systems, consisting of tanks with a capacity of 5-10 cubic meters, were connected to devices without a fire certificate, and therefore are at risk of explosion. Not only. They were a few meters from homes or near warehouses frequented every day by many workers. Moreover, some of the stations, which have already been operating for several years, have shown clear signs of deterioration that could, in the short term, cause accidental spills, and contaminate land and aquifers.

During the inspection, it was identified a trading company that had built a completely illegal factory on another area, which was used to refuel its own vehicles and to refuel cars of employees, collaborators and family members.

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29 people were reported to the judicial authorities for violating fire protection regulations, 28 fuel systems were confiscated (25 were final confiscated) and 107,956 liters of diesel fuel (90,908 liters had already been confiscated). In addition, fines totaling €25,820 were imposed.

The various activities of the Guardia di Finanza are part of the broader apparatus put in place by Fiamme Gialle to protect the safety of citizens and protect the environment.

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