26-year-old survives three-hour flight hidden in plane undercarriage

    26-year-old survives three-hour flight hidden in plane undercarriage

    A feat has been found for a 26-year-old man in a plane carriage that just landed in Miami, Florida, after a nearly 2 hour 50 minute flight from Guatemala.

    In order to reach the United States, he evaded control of the airport and did not hesitate to do so Hiding in the landing gear compartment Seriously risk dying streak but managed to survive Approximately three hours flight to that location. And the amazing achievement of 26 years Last Saturday she was found in a plane carriage that had just landed in Miami, Florida, after a nearly two-hour, 50-minute flight from Guatemala. According to the local authorities, the man hid in the landing gear cabin in extreme temperatures and at high altitudes for the duration of the flight.

    According to reports from US Customs and Border Protection, the man has been found Dizziness with symptoms of frostbite in the hands and feet But he is in tolerable condition and was taken to a local hospital, where he remains in hospital. The director of communications for the Miami Aviation Department explained that the man was hiding in the landing gear of American Airlines Flight 1182, which took off in the early morning from Guatemala City and landed at about 10 am on Saturday in Miami. For its part, the airline only confirmed the case in a note, explaining: “American Airlines Flight 1182 serving from Guatemala (GUA) to Miami (MIA), arriving at 10:06 local time, was received by law enforcement authorities due to a case Umniah. We are working with law enforcement on their investigation.”

    How he managed to evade security is now being examined by the airport authorities and the police. “People take great risks “The case is still under investigation,” Customs and Border Protection said, when they try to hide in confined spaces like an airplane. A video of the incident posted on Instagram shows a man standing on the tarmac, a few meters from the wheels. For a plane with two flight attendants at Miami Airport at his side. The footage shows the 26-year-old wearing simple clothes while sitting on the floor in awe. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, 129 people have tried to hide in carriages or other areas of passenger planes around the world since take-off of commercial flights, 100 of which died in flight.

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